Halo 3 Campaign Is Done ?

Bungie today revealed that the campaign on there much anticipated title Halo 3 is nearly at the stage where they can play it from the start right through to the end. Thing is as soon as they revealed that tid bit of info they also said Halo 3 in performance terms is “all over the place”.

Bungies Frank O’Connor commented on the campaign saying the following, “Pretty much every level is not only in the build, and for want of a better word, populated, but that the levels actually flow together pretty well. It’s playable enough now, from end to end, that we’ve started testing properly for difficulty and length. Performance is all over the place of course, from build to build,

He went on to talk about the amount of time and work that has gone into the graphical side of Halo 3 when he said, “Layers. Layers and layers of detail. That’s what’s going into Campaign now, and the speed at which it’s happening is astonishing. Artists are checking in such amazing stuff, at such an amazing rate, that something you get at 6pm might be markedly different than something you picked up at 8am.

He finished off by talking about Halo 3’s new dialogue and the troubles they face with multiple new characters in Halo 3, “We have a lot more characters this time around, with more Marines, Grunts, Brutes, Elites and more to write dialogue for. The acting roster is being filled out now, and the people involved are going to be amazing folks to work with. True talents, old and new, famous and obscure. It’s going to be a riot. The sheer number of characters on screen, talking simultaneously, affects the flavour of combat. Hearing three grunts panic while two charge you, yelling, makes combat feel way more intense. Grunts are still funny, but it’s not so funny when they’re winging plasma ’nades at you like The Big Unit after a bad haircut. The number of times I have been taken by surprise by a gang of angry Grunts – I can’t even tell you. And don’t even get me started on Brutes and Jackals.

We do hope the Grunts come back to Halo 3 shrieking with fright everytime they see a Pelican and we wonder what new acting talents will come bundled with the Xbox 360’s most anticipated title of ’07, Halo 3.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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