Halloween Hits Gears of War 3

Halloween Hits Gears of War 3

Published On October 29, 2011 | By Justin Ortiz-Burrow | News

The Halloween spirit has taken over Gears of War 3 with this weekend’s special event. From now until Tuesday at 9am EST you will be able to take part in a new playlist for team deathmatch, ‘Boooooom Snipes‘, and on Monday you will even see a cosmetic change to your Gears of War multiplayer.

In ‘Boooooom Snipes‘ players will find their default weapons and all weapons on map have been changed to a ‘Longshot‘ sniper rifle and the powerful ‘Boomshot‘, which can lead to some very different play strategies. Epic Games have also announced that a cosmetic change will take effect on Monday the 31st (pumpkin heads perhaps?).

Just the thing to hold you Gearheads over until theGears of War 3 Horde Command PackDLC hits on Tuesday morning.

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