Guitar Hero II Rawks the 360.

I know many people have been stairing at the PS2 with envious eyes. They had a game that has a guitar controller in it and you rock hard to music! How cool is that!The PS2 version has been a great sucess but many 360 owners have been waiting to see if the rumours of a 360 version where true. I did get to see it during the GC2006 but nothing was 100% confirmed, so it is great to finally get some solid information on the game.

Not only do we get a fancy new guitar to rock with and the standard tracks that come with the PS2 version, we also get an additional 10 tracks which includes…

– Billion Dollar Babies (as made famous by Alice Cooper)

– Hush (as made famous by Deep Purple)

– Dead! (by My Chemical Romance)

– Life Wasted (as made famous by Pearl Jam)

– Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo (as made famous by Rick Derringer)

Not only do we get extra tracks above the PS2 version we also get a use of the Xbox Live Marketplace to download themes, picture packs, and most importantly, new songs! There will also been an online leaderboard so we can check out our rock-scores against each other. Fresh, spanky HD graphics will also be a great boost for this Next-Gen rawk fest. A quote from one of the RedOctane staff is below.

“Guitar Hero is all about feeling like a rock star, and we’re adding to the experience by offering our fans an exciting pipeline of new songs, fun and exclusive downloadable content, and the opportunity to see who rocks hardest with an online leaderboard,” said Dusty Welch, head of publishing at RedOctane. “The expansive capabilities of the Xbox 360 will allow us to provide a consistent stream of fresh new content to our fans, and we plan on fully supporting these efforts.”

Here’s hoping that they remain true to that quote and make Guitar Hero II on the 360 the best version available with fresh, regular content. They have said Spring 07 for the launch so if you fancy checking up the track-list so you can practice, feel free to check out the main Guitar Hero site at

Lets Rock! Ahem…

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers


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