GTA IV – Niko bound for San Andreas?

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A member of the GTA Forums was eagle-eyed enough to spot a plane ticked amongst all the stuff at the social club (you’ll get there if you haven’t already). This is a ticket for one Niko Bellic with the departure location being Liberty City and the destination of San Andreas.

This is probably one of two things, I’m guessing… either Rockstar wanted to pay homage to an older title, or it’s a little sign for us to assume that one of the already confirmed DLC packs will feature a trip to San Andreas. There have been some light murmurs of the possibility that Rockstar will deliver new locations in the DLC, but nothing solid.

Problems arise when one considers the size of the DLC necessary to recreate San Andreas, but perhaps the new content will be limited to a small hood rather than the entire city. Given the ticket above, I’d say you can hypothesize all you want.

Originally Written By: Joey

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