GRAW2 Unlockable Headgear

They folks over at Ubisoft have informed us of some juicy information on how they are rewarding gamers who will be purchasing their upcoming title, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Now we’re not talking a complementary firearm or a painted hand grenade on a plinth. We are talking about unlockable multiplayer content…still here? OK, read on for details.

So what’s the catch? Well you will need to have a save state (own the games) for Rainbow Six: Vegas and/or Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Having both games will unlock all four headgear types and if you just have either of the Clancy titles you will just be rewarded with just 2 headgear types.

Clear as mud? OK then, here is the scenario in simple step form:

  1. GRAW2 and NO saved games of R6: V and SC: DA, there will be 4 slots of MP headgear that are locked.
  2. GRAW2 and R6V. 2 sets of headgear mimicking R6: V will become unlockable in MP.
  3. GRAW2 and SC: DA. 2 sets of headgear mimicking SCDA will become unlockable in MP.
  4. GRAW2, R6V, and SC: DA, they will have 4 extra headgear unlocked.

Christian Allen, MP Creative Director at Red Storm Entertainment said: “A bunch of our fans not only play Ghost Recon, but other Tom Clancy titles as well. Having unlockable headgear in GRAW2 multiplayer is a way to reward them and to incorporate other Clancy franchises into our game.”

Screenshots of the headgear can be found over in our media section along with two new screenshots of the headgear in ’action’. Do you think this is a suitable ’reward’ for Clancy fans? What kind of features would you like to have received? Let us know your feedback on this bit of news in our comments below.


Anthony Barker

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