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You’ve gotta love the internet when it comes to leaking details. After the recent trailer that Rockstar sneaked out a few weeks ago, we all started speculating as to what exactly Grand Theft Auto IV will be like, and thanks to Game Informer and a few internet leakers, we now have more information.

GTAIV will indeed take place in Liberty City (New York) in the year 2007. The main character is called Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant.Niko’s cousin Roman convinced him to move when he boasted a life of luxury but he was actually using this to cover his own flaws.

Whilst you find your feet in the game, Roman will be your only contact.

Dan Houser told Game Informer that GTA IV will not be like previous Grand Theft Auto titles, similar to how the 3rd installment was quite different to the top-down view of the previous two. GTA IV will boast a much wider choice and freedom to us gamers.

One of the main differences will be interaction between the player and others around. This time around you can pick up your mobile phone and call people to arrange deals and create your own agenda.

There are five boroughs to explore in New York, and four of them have been revamped, along with parts of New Jersey. Sadly the names aren’t going to be the same as their real life counterparts, with Brooklyn taking the name Broker, Queens becoming Dukes, Bronx changing to Brohan, New Jersey in the form of Alderney and Manhatten taking on the cover of Algonquin.

The trailer showed off some nice graphical aspects of the game, but we’re also promised some vastly improved AI, with everyone walking and talking like real humans – acting the way you would expect them to.

Rockstar are also boasting a vast array of Radio stations and some top voice acting to really bring GTA IV to life – although they have stated that they will be deliberately picking less-known talents for voice acting and tracks.

We’ll also be seeing Multiplayer in this edition of GTA. Little information is known on exactly what it will involve, but we’re told it’s not going to be a MMORPG.

The Xbox 360 version will include downloadable editions to the game at a later date also – although a few are speculating that due to the extra size of the Blu-Ray discs, the PS3 version may include more features to start with.

Russ Clow

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