Gears of War Map Pack [Update]

Curb Stomp!

We’ve just received Intel that a map-pack is on its way for the epic – Gears of War. The maps will set you back 800MS Points and is available from Thursday 3rd May, but if you don’t want to fork out for the map pack you can download it free from September 3rd 2007. The maps are as follows:

Bullet Marsh
In this Kryll-infested swamp, an old generator still powers the area lights. A few stray bullets could easily knock out the generator, leaving combatants to fend for themselves against the Kryll.

This overgrown and crumbling conservatory still has a working fertilization and pesticide system. This system can pose a serious hazard to anyone who ventures into the greenhouse without first venting the air.

Timgad’s Central Subway station used to serve as a central hub for commuters. Now the tunnels are crawling with Locust.

Teams must fight for control of this subterranean Imulsion processing plant, still active despite the cessation of the Pendulum wars.

Let us know if you’ll be purchasing this map-pack or if you’ll let it slide until September 3rd by leaving us a comment below.

Update 1) We’ve just added four brand-new screenshots for each new map in our Media Section, enjoy.


Luke De'ath

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