Gears of War 2 – The Monster Wish List

Gears of War 2 – The Monster Wish List

We asked our community here at ConsoleMonster what new features they would like to see included in Epic’s November release, Gears of War 2. So in no particular order here are the results.

Improved Single Player Campaign

Although Gears of War (GoW) had a great single player campaign, it just seemed too short. You feel like you’re really getting into the game just as it starts only for it to finish. So, Epic, we want more! A harder campaign as well seemed to be in the mix within the forums, as some gamers found the boss’ too easy to defeat. Forget Insane, we want Uber-Impossible!

Destructible Environments

That’s got to be the next step for Epic. With future games, like Battlefield: Bad Company having destructible environments, surely they’d be mad to not include it here. It would also be fun blowing parts of buildings away, as well as blowing up other players ‘cover’ spots as they hide and wait for you.

Larger Co-Op

Yes, that’s right. We want to kill more Locust with more than one of our friends. Ideally, we want a massive 6 player co-op, but realistically 4 player co-op play would suffice!

Xbox Live

There’s a lot of new features we would like to see for Xbox Live when GoW 2 is released.

I personally was a little disappointed with Gears of War online. There was no simple game modes like Team Deathmatch – WITH re-spawns. Instead, you were left with stupid rounds, where if you died, that round was over for you. Host power was another thing that bugged me – most notable with the shotgun; you were often finding yourself being shot from miles away and dying instantly. A dedicated server should solve this problem.

Larger online modes are also a must. 4v4 just isn’t enough, we want 6v6 or 8v8 to compensate. Let’s just hope Epic know what they are doing, and give the gamers what they want.

A few other ideas springing about. Online character custimisation – similar to Rainbow Six where gamers can choose the look of their character. Fenix with a long Locust jacket is a must for me.

Party/lobby system. Again this was a negative for me during GoW online. Players were unable to join a party and move around from game to game with your friends during ranked matches. Something similar to the party systems of Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4 would certainly be sufficient in GoW2.

More game modes are also a must. There was also an interesting idea for a game mode where you have to defend yourself from a herd of locust coming your way. Survive 10 minutes without dying etc. and everyone gets one life each round. So yeah, more game modes please Epic.


A larger weapon selection was also sought after. Compared to the likes of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4, GoW had a poor array of weapons to choose from. Some more assault rifles would be cool, along with a variety of different snipers and completely new weapons.

Finally, some more gore please. Yes more! Make more use of that 18+ age certificate.

Right, so from above it looks like we never loved Gears of War, but we did. This is just a list that we think would improve the game even more and put it ahead of the likes of Halo and Call of Duty. So come on Epic, go do your thing!

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