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GameDaily Speaks To EA About New Madden Cover Boy

EA have officially revealed to the world that the next player to be one the cover of Madden 2008 will be rookie sensation Vince Young. Many think this to be a very surprising choice with other names like Brees, Manning and LT having such good 2006 seasons. Even so GameDaily.biz managed to talk to EA about the new cover star and also the dreaded Madden Curse.

One of the questions as you will see below focused entirely on what EA thought of the supposed ’curse’ that has struck players before VY:

GameDaily BIZ: With such a great year, are you or Vince worried about the “Madden Curse?”

CE: I don’t believe in curses, but more importantly, the cover athletes don’t believe in curses either. Football is a rough sport and our guys on our covers tend to be the guys who get the most touches so they are most likely to be injured. We’ve had a run of bad luck over the last years, but there’s no one who is rooting for Vince to have a better season than me.

More importantly GameDaily asked EA why they went for Young instead of a more seasoned player like the aforementioned Brees, Manning and LT:

GameDaily BIZ: Why did you select Vince Young for the cover of Madden NFL 08?

Chris Erb: A lot goes into the selection of the cover athlete for Madden NFL. First and foremost, are they a real gamer? Second, does the player fit the feature of the upcoming game? And third, would they be a good representative for EA Sports? Taking all of this into account, Vince was the perfect choice

Why not take a look through the full interview over at GameDaily, it will be interesting to see if Young falls victim to the curse next season, although we at Monster do hope he remains fit and healthy throughout the season.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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