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To go alongside this week’s Xbox Live Arcade title Soltrio Solitaire, Microsoft have announced a free XBLA game. Aegis Wing was first shown a while ago and was made by three students during a summer internship at Carbonated Games (the team behind the mega popular UNO XBLA game.)

Now before you start shouting “Fantastic, We Love You Microsoft”, there’s some bad news. Aegis Wing will be available to North American Xbox Live users only. No Europe. No Asia. Just America. Gee, Microsoft sure knows how to treat everyone outside of America.

From the press release.

Aegis Wing is a 2-D side-scrolling space shooter that combines epic space combat with fantastic visuals, and is set to a rich symphonic soundtrack. It is set in the year 2105, when humanity must flee a dying Earth for the distant world Europa. But this new home is soon threatened by a powerful alien race, the Araxia. With stolen Araxian technology, the Europa fleet develops an experimental star fighter and assigns four ace pilots to test it. The Aegis Wing is born, and it becomes your mission to wield this new technology as humanity’s last hope for survival

Game Features:

  • Amazing environmental art
  • Full symphonic soundtrack
  • Up to four-player simultaneous cooperative multiplayer gameplay, either locally on the same Xbox 360 console or over Xbox LIVE
  • Ability to attach your ship to your wingmen’s spacecraft to gain the “turret” ability and increase the firepower of the Super Weapons
  • Four Super Weapons: the Hades Beam (wreaks total destruction), the Gorgon Burst (wipes out incoming fire and disables enemy spacecraft with an electromagnetic pulse), the Arcus Missile (a heat-seeking missile) and the Lambda Shield (deflects incoming fire back at enemies)
  • Six epic missions and several memorable boss encounters to fight through

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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