Empire Interactive and Bugbear Entertainment have announced that FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage will be coming to the Xbox 360 in June. The game will effectively be a next-gen version of the million selling FlatOut 2.

The game has been re-built from the ground up and will include many Xbox 360 only features. The number of opponents has increased from 8 to 12. There are 5 new single player modes and 2 new multiplayer modes which can be played over Xbox Live. The number of “dynamic objects” has increased from 5,000 per track to 8,000 per track. All the cars will have “dynamic lighting and shadowing all with proper real-time environment mapping” and be made up of 20,000 polygons as opposed to 7,500 in FlatOut 2. Downloadable content is also planned.

Ian Higgins, CEO of Empire Interactive said of FlatOut’s next-gen debut:
“The announcement of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on Xbox 360 is the first since the acquisition of Empire Interactive by Silverstar, and will be followed by many other exciting announcements from the company throughout 2007. The FlatOut franchise has been incredibly successful to date with the first two games in the series both selling over one million copies around the world, so we are very excited in being able to reward the loyal FlatOut fan base with a next generation FlatOut game. FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is that game and it is undoubtedly the best FlatOut game to date.”

Clive Kabatznik, CEO of Silverstar Holdings, said:
“FlatOut is the flagship franchise of our group. The tremendous public response to the title and the numerous industry awards are testimony to the quality and popularity of this game franchise. We believe that this bodes well for the upcoming release of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on Xbox 360, both in terms of the new capabilities showcased by third generation console technology as well as increased popular appeal for the latest incarnation of this most successful franchise.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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