First Titanfall DLC ‘Expedition’ Set For May Release

A PAX East Panel has revealed the first details concerning additional content for Respawn’s ridiculously hyped and critically acclaimed tech-mech shooter, Titanfall.

Branded ‘Expedition’, the DLC is set to drop in May in the form of a pack containing a trio of new maps, namely ‘Swampland’, ‘Runoff’ and ‘War Games’, expanding on maps included with vanilla to give a new total of 18. Designed with a timeframe after the events of the campaign mode in mind, it’s unclear how or whether these maps will factor into the narrative fluff. Then again, this is Titanfall and nobody really ever seemed to care about that background noise anyway.

Swampland and Runoff, it’s been suggested, are thematically interrelated, Swampland setting down in a dense, swamp setting involving “archaic alien technology” and Runoff promises a more aqueous affair. War Games is set to expand upon design elements used in the Titan testing area in the training mission. The move to less industrial environments offers the creative team a wealth of opportunities to explore in delving into the vast and barely tapped potential for genuine innovation in Titanfall’s alien flora and fauna

There’s a slight touch of deja vu to the announcement, what with the “archaic alien technology” and the swampy, jungle theme…Ruins onCOD: Ghosts’Devastation DLC, anyone? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Also mentioned were plans to introduce Titan customisation as a response to community feedback and requests, along with a 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode. Customisation features would add a further motivation for grinding through the gens and completing the challenges, though it’d be a shame if this just cloned the near-obscene gunstomisation seen increasingly in Call of Duty over the past few years.All together these elements should extend the life expectancy of Titanfall’s novelty value somewhat as we continue to see how the game’s community will develop as it matures and whether Titanfall will eek its way into the ranks of the established competitive shooters, solidifying its position at the top of the most-played lists for months and years to come. More news as it comes, watch this space!

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