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The merry season is once again upon us and chomping at the bit (and our credit cards) with its commercially-obsessed, bank balance-destroying nashers! Unfortunately for many, that also means a gushing feeling of resentment for whichever stingy friend bought you the novelty socks. With our gift guide, you can ensure that you will not be that friend.

Note: Mum, I swear, I LOVE the Iron Man socks you got me last year.

A Tipple With A Twist

If you know someone who’s been bitten by the RPG bug one time too many, replenish their vital stats this Christmas with some most potent potions.

Mana Potions

So when the mana stores are running low, get that Christmas magic flowing again with some sweet, sweet Mana Potion Energy Drinks. Health Potion also available for those tanking a little too much ale this year. Dwarves, I’m looking at you!

Just Pink
The GIRLY Gift

If there’s one thing that stereotypes prove, it’s that girls just love pink. Bearing this in mind, here’s a chance to kill two robins with one stone by solving the present problem for one of your female friends and also knocking on the head the inevitable lack of controllers when your living room is sprawling with inebriated family and friends, full of potentially hazardous turkey and an ungodly quantity of Bailey’s. “What? What?”, I hear you cry. The answer:


The 1337
The ADDICT’s Gift

There are an unfortunate few who have delved too deeply in the riches that gaming has to offer and can no longer function properly without a regular injection of pwnage and a constant supply of headshots. Such people find little joy in anything lacking a connection to the world of gaming, but they DO, believe it or not, still require clothing. Sort them out with a T-shirt for the next year!

The Noobstore

The RTS Player’s Gift

There continues to exist a sect of gamers who avoid the trends and plough their time into developing new strats for rapidly aging games. Dominating their field as true Generals, they surely deserve a true Generals war room? Well, perhaps not, but you could get them a nice strategizing chalk board. The added retro-vibe comes free of charge.

Pub Chalk Boards


For gamers, this is really a no-risk gift. Even if they’ve already got it, it’s likely to get enough play to turn the first copy into a bubbling mess (hopefully not along with the console). I am, of course, talking about the latest addition to the seemingly omnipotent Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 2. Have garnered high praise in our review, Modern Warfare 2 is sure to bring a smile to any gamer’s face this Christmas.


So there they are, a few suggestions to bring a smile to those you care about this Christmas. If you have any other suggestions for our fellow gamers, let us all know your tips in the comments.

Sam Finch

Sam has been unable to peel his bloodshot eyes and RSI-ridden wrists from the world of gaming since he was first introduced to it, like all good junkies, by his Grandad. From those early days of MegaDrive sweetness, bashing through the throngs of enemies on Shining Force II, his love of all things games has extended upwards and outwards onto a variety of platforms. You can either believe that spiel, or get the real scoop and know that his spaceship actually crashed here some years ago and he is currently incognito as a games writer for Console Monster.

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