FIFA 08 Gets Covered

Electronic Arts have announced that teenage sensation Josmer (Jozy) Altidore who is currently playing for the New York Red Bulls part of the MLS (Major League Soccer) will feature along side the amazingly talented Brazilian Ronaldinho with a young Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa on the front cover of FIFA 2008.

Josmer, 17, is one of the youngest players in any EA Sport title to be featured on the front cover

Romain Rossi, Director of Marketing for EA SPORTS.

“At EA SPORTS we believe in identifying the most talented up-and-coming athletes in the world to help us develop the most authentic sports games. We believe Altidore is one of the next great American soccer stars and Ochoa is winning admiration from many fans for his exceptional ability.”

Josmer Altidore also stated that;

“It’s exciting to be on the cover of my favorite videogame and I am really looking forward to playing as myself in FIFA Soccer 08. I can hardly wait to play with my virtual character wearing the Red Bull uniform and taking on the world’s top defenders one-on-one. “

Guillermo Ochoa also stated that hes;

“Always looked upon the EA SPORTS athletes as fan favorites so I’m honored to be named to this year’s FIFA Soccer 08 cover alongside Ronaldinho and Altidore. When you look back at some of the great players who have had this opportunity, it’s exciting to be a part of the EA SPORTS family and contribute to a game I’ve been playing all my life.”

Youngest Cover Athletes in an EA Sports title:

  • Freddy Adu: 16 years FIFA Soccer 06 (N. America)
  • Jozy Altidore: 17 years FIFA Soccer 08 (N. America)
  • Kevin Durant: 18 years NCAA March Madness 08
  • Carmelo Anthony: 19 years NCAA March Madness 04
  • Wayne Rooney: 19 years FIFA 06 (Europe)
  • Carmelo Anthony: 20 years NBA LIVE 05
  • Landon Donovan: 20 years FIFA Soccer 03 (N. America)
  • Larry Fitzgerald: 20 years NCAA Football 2005
  • Wayne Rooney: 20 years FIFA 07 (Europe)
  • Alexander Ovechkin: 20 years NHL 07

Fifa 08 will include 620 fully-licensed teams in 30leagues with over 15,000 players apparently making Fifa 08 20% bigger than Fifa 07. Also featuring;

Improved AI
EA have placed a 35-point decision engine that will give AI characters multiple choices for what they should do next (take a shoot, pass, run, etc etc)

Improved Shooting
Using a ‘Next-Generation’ shooting engine which will obtain all the information from the ball and player such as the Weight, Speed, Wind Direction, Spin, to give you the ultimate and true to life gaming experience.

More Unique Modes
Release after Release, Season After Season football games always seem to be the same just with graphical updates. Thats not the case in Fifa 08. Fans pay good money to see you play, and deserve a fun-filled 90minutes of football, Be a Pro will have you select one player from a team and you’ll control him for the whole 90 minutes.

We can not wait until August 27th to get our hands-on with Fifa 2008 expect a full preview soon. Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below


Luke De'ath

Bristol based Luke is a keen gamer who enjoys a good FPS or Stealth title. His Favourite game is Metal Gear Solid. Luke also loves FIFA and is a season ticket holder for Bristol Rovers FC

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