Recently we confirmed that Far Cry 2 will be released on October 23rd. Over on the official blog of Far Cry 2, they have released some Q&A’s relating to the jaw dropping map editor.

Tell us a bit about how the team created the map editor as we see it now.

Well Far Cry PC had an SDK, and Far Cry on the consoles had their in-game map editor. We looked at what was already existing, looked at what worked, and took it from there. We looked a lot at what the map makers, the very people who have spent countless hours in the map editor, have stated they’d like to see. There were many great ideas floating around, and it was just a matter of implementing what we could. While it isn’t possible for us to release a full SDK, the actual tools that our own level designers use are similar to what is in the map editor, such as Realtree and the collection system, which uses an algorithm to place foliage in a way that you’d naturally see in the environment. There are also tools in the map editor that didn’t exist in for our own team, and when they saw the tools they said, “We want this to build OUR maps!” Even after spending so many hours making the stock FC2 maps, some of our level designers spend their lunchtime playing in the map editor, so I think that’s really a testament to how robust the map editor truly is.

Why is having a map editor so important to Far Cry 2?

By having a map editor, replayability now becomes infinite. You don’t have to wait for new maps to be released, you can simply go and make your own map or download other user maps. And with the sharing system we’ll have with being able to upload maps to a central server (as opposed to only peer to peer), before you even download a map you will be able to see what the community feels is a good map through the rating system. And this tool can encourage an entire community of creative map makers, who might normally say, “If I was able to, I’d make the map this way, or that way”. Rather than just talking about it, you now have the ability to go ahead and do it! You can even take another user’s map, and if you like most of it but would have done part of the map in a different way, then you’ll have the ability to edit the existing user-created map (with keeping credit to the original map maker). This sharing option will hopefully get the community to put their creative heads together and collaborate to come up with even better maps.

With the information released during GC, there has been confusion on whether user maps will be shared cross-platform. Can you confirm if this will be available?

Cross-platform sharing is unfortunately not available right now. PC users can download PC maps, 360 users can download 360 maps, and so on. There will be slight differences that the PC map editor will have, which is why cross-platform sharing is not really an option. The exact differences will be talked about a bit later.

What is the vehicle limit?

You can place a maximum of 6 vehicles in a multiplayer map, from a selection of 24 different vehicles, and some cars will hold up to 4 people each. I know people were confused because in our map editor trailer there’s a part with a bunch of vehicles, but that was merely to show the variety of vehicles that will be available to put in a map. If you are creating a map that will not be playable in multiplayer, you can place up to 16 vehicles.

So there you have it, some much needed information regarding the new map editor in Far Cry 2. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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