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Fable 3 is announced along with a teaser trailer

When I first saw the splash pages on Lionhead’s website featuring historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Maximilien Robespierre, I was unsure as to what Lionhead was planning. I was thinking they might be going back to their Bullfrog routes with a Populous remake or something of the sort. But in my heart, I sort of new a sequel to Fable would be coming. I mean, it’s Peter Molyneux we’re talking about here!

At Microsoft Game Studios conference at gamescom, Molyneux came on stage and wasted little time explaining what Fable 3 will bring. He mentioned a mechanic in the first two games was the problem that kept them down; this mechanic has been removed for Fable 3. He didn’t mention what this mechanic was, however, and kept quiet about it.

Instead he went on to explain what Fable 3 will be. Continuing after the last piece of Fable 2 DLC, Fable 3 will put the player in the role of the ruler of Albion. This allows you to enforce taxes, become a totalitarian ruler or a nice kind ruler, which seems to take the idae of being a property magnate from Fable 2 to a whole new level. Molyneux stressed that he wants the player to feel the “weight of the crown”.

No doubt this will bring the ideas of Revolutions and loyalist supporters of the crown to the game, which helps make the splash pages on their site make more sense.

This whole “ruler of Albion” thing has actually peaked my interest. With the game slated for release some time in 2010 (more probably 2011), we’ll probably find out a bit more closer to the time. For now, here’s the teaser trailer.


Chris Taylor

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