EA and Bizarre team up for Boom Boom Rocket

EA have announced it will be releasing it’s first Xbox Live Arcade title. Boom Boom Rocket will be developed by Bizarre Creations, the team behind the Project Gotham Racing series and the mega popular Live Arcade title Geometry Wars Retro Evolved.

Boom Boom Rocket is a rhythm action game in which you pilot rockets in 3D landscapes. Your job is to explode the rockets in time with the music. Do well and you’ll create incredible firework displays in the sky. Build up a combo of explosions and you’ll unlock a “trippy psychedelic mode for big points and big prizes”. AceyBongos describes it as “a cross between Geometry Wars’ intense zen action, Guitar Hero II’s play-to-the-beat rhythm and that old firework-exploding PS2 game Fantavision.” New firework designs become available as you master each song.

There will, of course, be single player and multiplayer on offer with three different modes, Normal, Speed and Head-to-Head. All the music has different skill levels and you’ll be able to compare your scores with the Live Leaderboards (unfortunately, there’s no mention of Xbox Live gameplay, so it seems like the aforementioned multiplayer is same screen only).

Chris Early, Product Unit Manager for Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Casual Games, said:
“As one of the worldwide leaders in game publishing, EA has long recognised the power of on-demand, online entertainment, We’re honoured that EA has chosen Xbox Live Arcade as the platform for their first-ever downloadable game for console game players and are excited to make Boom Boom Rocket available to the millions of Xbox Live Arcade players around the world.”

Martyn Chudley, Managing Director of Bizarre Creations, said:
“Boom Boom Rocket is an addictive and original challenge for all types of gamer, and we”re enjoying working with EA to create this unique Xbox Live Arcade experience. Our teams love both working and playing on Xbox Live Arcade, and we”re looking forward to releasing another innovative title on this platform with Boom Boom Rocket.”

Chip Lange, EA Vice President, finished:
“This is a perfect time to bring such a unique and custom-built arcade game to Xbox Live Arcade gamers. We’ve crafted Boom Boom Rocket to offer an intensely fun entertainment experience for the thriving community of hard core and casual gamers alike on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s only natural that our launch title comes from the Pogo team, given their remarkable success with casual games.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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