Don’t Have LIVE? Then You’re Not Playing Destiny

Don't Have LIVE? Then You're Not Playing Destiny

Bungie have today confirmed that the upcoming title, Destiny, will require an internet connection to play it. Meaning for those few who have yet to get online or simply do not wish to purchase the yearly gold membership will miss out.

The game features a ‘shared-world’ and needs this constant connection so that it’s emerging world can be powered.

Destiny will be released on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 although Bungie are keeping pretty tight lipped when it comes to a release date. News did surface a few days ago on a possible October 6th release, but alas Bungie still haven’t confirmed anything.

The game itself puts you in control of a Guardian, in Earths last known ‘safe’ city as you battle with an alien race as you try to reclaim Earth. Quite similar in many respects to Halo.