Console Guide v1.3.1 Update Releases

Console Guide v1.3.1 Update Releases

Today we are happy to announce that the latest release, version 1.3.1, of our Console Guide is now live on the Apple App Store. If you have already purchased the Console Guide for your iPhone or iPod Touch device you will soon be prompted to update it, either on the device itself or via iTunes.

In this FREE update we have corrected the error of showing the Lite version’s Icon, as well as fixing the crash on launch of the application that a few users have been experiencing. For those people that have been holding off updating, it is safe to update to v1.3.1, enhance the application with news and review searches of Console Monster’s content in v1.3.1. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Thanks for your support

We would appreciate it (if you have not done so already) if you could spend the time to rate and review the App on its page on iTunes, doing so will help spread the good word and encourage more users to the site and this helpful application, and in turn it will help boost the development of this app with more future features, so all-in-all, everyone wins!

Of course, don’t forget to send us your feedback, as well as feature ideas, using our Contact Form on this very site. We’re glad to hear from all our current feedback that you are enjoying our application; there will be more to come in future updates so keep your eyes on Console Monster and our Twitter page for new developing updates and feature announcements.