Console Guide v1.1 Launches – Details Inside

We have listened to your great feedback and we are happy to announce that the latest release, version 1.1, of our Console Guide is now live on the Apple App Store. If you have already purchased the Console Guide for your iPhone or iPod Touch device you will soon be prompted to update it, either on the device itself or via iTunes.

In this FREE update we have addressed most of the cosmetic/visual feedback that we have received from existing Console Guide users. This includes:

  • Updated splash graphics
  • Updated button feedback graphics
  • Revised About page
  • Use of sharper device text in certain pages
  • Revised loading prompt text
  • Direct Link to the developer’s game – Keepy Uppy

On top of these features we are updating our Achievement and Trophy lists on a regular basis -keeping you update for all your gamerscore and trophy collecting needs. We have begun to update any missing Secret Achievements but we are still missing a few dozen titles. If you have unlocked any missing secret achievements we ask you to let us know in our forum thread, and we can then update our records accordingly.

But that is not all! – Web Update

Today we have rolled out an update to the web side of the application. The Console Guide App comprises of two areas, Local (the App itself) and Web (where you see the games achievement lists and details). In future announcements we will class any of these updates as a “Web Update”. Today’s Web Update features the following:

Revised Game Details

Users will now be able to view a revised game details page. In this update you can now tap on the Achievements or Trophy panel area to navigate directly to their specific pages. This makes comparing both Achievements and Trophies much simpler than going back to the main menu and finding the same game on the other platform.

We have also removed the Pros and Cons section and made a nice big area for you to tap on and proceed to a nice new addition to our Console Guide – Reviews!

Full Game Reviews

That’s right; we do listen to your feedback. You can now view ALL our reviews on any games covered on Console Monster, over 500 in fact, and in full too, no short descriptions here – Oh no.

We’ve also popped the Pros and Cons at the top of the review, to save your fingers from scrolling to the bottom, so at a quick glance you can see the necessary info on the review. If you want to know more you can continue to scroll down and read the full review, written by our dedicated staff of core gamers.

Thanks for your support

Nearly 50% of our users of the Console Guide have updated to version 1.1 in the first day it went live and we hope you all are enjoying these new features. We would appreciate it (if you have not done so already) if you could spend the time to rate and review the App on its page iTunes, doing so will help spread the good word and encourage more users to the site and this helpful application, and in turn it will help boost the development of this app with more future features, so everyone wins!

Of course, don’t forget to send us your feedback, as well as feature ideas, using our Contact Form on this very site. We’re glad to hear from all our current feedback that you are enjoying our application; there will be more to come in future updates so keep your eyes on Console Monster and our Twitter page for new developing updates and feature announcements.

Console Monster

Console Monster is an independent gaming website that is dedicated to the Xbox and PlayStation gamer. Established in 2005 our team of UK and USA volunteer gamers bring our readers regular console gaming articles. If you are looking for a platform to get yourself heard, we would love to hear from you!

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