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Console Monster is proud to finally announce its release of its Console Guide 2.0. iPhone App. It has been a long slog but we’re finally happy with the feature set, sure there will still be more to come, but more on that later.

So what is new in 2.0? Well, the first striking difference is…the new icon, ok not that important, so let’s move onto the homepage…


Before, we had a rather static offline/local homepage. In 2.0 the App will connect online and download the latest content published on Console Monster. News is important, right? So we have put the two newest news posts at the top, clicking on each will take you directly to their article.

Next is the latest review on the site along with our score for it, need to know more? Then click on it to be taken straight to the review.

They say ‘Pictures speak a thousand words’, we agree, but videos speak a million more, so we’ve decided to showcase the latest added Videos on the homepage too. Tap this and you are just one more click away from streaming it to your device.


No real change here other than a thumbnail and a darker/polished look and feel. We’ve had someone feedback asking to bring the coloured platform rows back, let us know if you agree. We have also included (or more like separated) our Editorials, Blogs (coming soon) and specific news about our Guides. Clicking through to an article will open up some new things…

Articles & Comments

Inside we’ve tidied up the page a little and

polished the comments area. Commenting on an article for the first time will now save your name, so the next time you want to comment you will be auto logged in with that name. If you wish to change any of these details or add your Gamertag avatar you can do so in the My Profile area in the More section of the App

We’ve also increased the comment box, as a lot of you like to post lots of text, so we thought we’d give you bigger room to do so here.

Articles & Article Search

Reviews of old now becomes Articles, in here we have separated Arcade into their own category. So if you are after a review of a title on XBLA or PSN you can see the latest reviews for them there. We thought showing a search keyboard was a bad user experience in the old version, so rather than facing a keyboard we now show you the latest Reviews, Arcade reviews and Previews off the bat. If you are after a specific title you can head into Search, and from there you can type in the game you wish to find a Review or Preview for and find it quickly and easily – as long as you spell it correctly!

We might turn Search back into the old keyboard, let us know what you think about that?

Awards & Award Search

Version 1.x of the Console Guide started off as a pure achievements and trophy resource Application, which soon evolved into other areas. As we are tight on space we have merged these two areas into one titled section – Awards. In here you can see the latest Xbox 360 Achievements or PlayStation 3 Trophies that has been added to Console Monster. If you are after a specific title then head into the Search area to find the game you are after, and if we have it, and you have spelt it correctly, then you should find what you are after.

Again like in Articles, we might bring the keyboard back here for Search, but we believe seeing the latest added is a better experience for regular users of the App.

Media, Media Search & Podcasts

A new feature for the Guide is Media. We had videos in 1.x but it was added on as an afterthought and you couldn’t really look through past videos we had added previously to the latest list.

Latest Videos shows you all the latest videos added as well as displaying how many videos we’ve added for that game. Tapping one will take you to a similar page to 1.x where it will display the selected video as well as other videos for that game, if available.

Media Search lets you quickly search for games in our database that we’ve added videos for. We try and keep on top of popular videos, so keep an eye on the latest to find out what is new.

We are also happy to bring you our monthly Monster Cast podcasts to the Console Guide 2.0. From here you can go through our entire podcast library and play them at your leisure. We don’t hook you into a full screen player either here, as the player will slide in and allow you to carry on browsing our news, reviews and everything else this Guide 2.0 offers your gaming eyes and fingertips.

It is worth pointing out browsing will be slower while you stream a podcast, as not only will it be downloading the podcast but also loading all the pages you go to while it is streaming.


In the More section is everything else we can cram into the Console Guide 2.0. View our Twitter feed as well as people mentioning us via Twitter. This allows you to keep tabs on things we do not cover on the site; so short news, our impressions and any game alerts you should be aware of, as well as our regular Swag Sunday competition announcements.

Speaking of Competitions, there is a section just for that. This is where we will showcase any site competitions as well as exclusive competitions for Pro users of the Guide.

Over in My Profile, you will be able to update your Monster Profile. Change your username, add your email address, GamerTag or PSN ID. Some of these latter details will be used in future updates of the Guide, but more on that later.

In Guides, this lists all our latest guides that can be purchased on the App Store. So whether you want a guide for Super Street Fighter IV, or Battlefield Bad Company 2, you can be just a few taps away from getting hold of those bad boys.

Lastly we have Feedback, this allows you to direct your feedback, suggestions, news tips and bug reports straight to us. We monitor all feedback given to us, so let us know your thoughts, impressions or suggested changes you’d like to see in the guide as well as what you’d like to see in future updates.

Wrap up & Future Updates

So that pretty much sums up Console Guide 2.0.

We have a few ideas still under development for the App, which we will release over the next few months, as well as listening to your feedback and making the necessary changes or additions you would like to see.

Things we are working on:

GamerTag profile – View gamer score and recent achievements unlocked

PSN ID profile – View gamer profile and trophy info

Saved Searches – Save your favourite games or awards lists to your profile

Comment alerts – Receive email/push alerts on comments you’ve posted in

Forum – A mobile forum, expanding on our comments system, an easy to use discussion area where you can talk with other like-minded gamers

Recommend – Share the App or an article via email, Twitter or Facebook

We hope you enjoyed the 2.0 update. As we’ve already said, there are still things to add and update to the guide over time. We are also taking on your feedback suggestions and niggles you have had, which we will review and look into adding or changing if there is enough requests in that area.

With this engine in place you can expect more regular updates in future as more features are released both in the App itself and inside its content areas.

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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