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CoD4 Beta NOT Exclusive to US Residents (Update 2)

It has been confirmed today that the forthcoming Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta will only be available to US residents. It’ll come as a big disappointment for fans of the series outside the United States.

It’s currently unknown why the beta will be US only and it’s especially confusing since the recent Halo 3 beta was available worldwide. Infinity Ward have said of Call of Duty 4 that they hope [it] is the best multiplayer experience of the year”. However, the lack of beta outside the US is sure to put some people off.

Expect an official announcement from Activision later today. Let us know what you think of this by leaving your comments below.

Update 2: An Infinity Ward rep has released a new statement stating;

As for who is eligible for the Beta, there was some confusion caused this week stating that the Beta would be US-exclusive, however that statement was premature, because we have not finalized final details on who would be involved in the beta at this point. In order to get started, and kick off the beta we will begin in the United States, but are looking to go International and currently sorting out those details

Update: Communications Manager 402 has confirmed the rumors and released this statement;

“Hey Everyone;
I wanted to give some clarity on why the Xbox 360 beta is US Exclusive. While we would have loved to offer the beta across all platforms, world-wide, with an unlimited number of members, we regretfully have our limitations due to our development schedule and resources.

In the interest of time, resources and availability, we had to concentrate the beta’s focus. The team is also crunching on a PC demo, to follow the console beta, which will be available worldwide.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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