Chromehounds Achievement List Revealed

The latest game out of the SEGA factory is Chromehounds for the Xbox 360. The game will see you battle it out on an online and offline battlefield in a custom designed Hound. The customisation will be at its peak when going online as you will see that no two hounds will be alike, instead you’ll be fighting in your very own, unique robotic warrior.

The achievement list has just been revealed and like many games it is long and will feature unlockable points in the story mode and also in the online world. In total there are 49 achievements totalling 1000 GamerPoints. Take a look at the full list below (please note there are seven secret achievements not present in the list).

  • Scout Complete – Complete Scout arc in Story Mode.
  • Soldier Complete – Complete Soldier arc in Story Mode.
  • Sniper Complete – Complete Sniper arc in Story Mode.
  • Gunner Complete – Complete H. Gunner arc in Story Mode.
  • Defense Complete – Complete Defender arc in Story Mode.
  • Command Complete – Complete Commander arc in Story Mode.
  • All Tact. Complete – Complete all missions in Story Mode.
  • Tact. Instructor – Top marks in every Story Mode mission.
  • Hover Specialist – Deploy on hover Chassis 50 times.
  • Wheel Specialist – Deploy on wheeled Chassis 50 times.
  • Biped Specialist – Deploy on bipedal Chassis 50 times.
  • Inverse Specialist – Deploy on inverse Chassis 50 times.
  • Tread Spec. – Deploy on treaded Chassis 50 times.
  • Multi Spec. – Deploy on multi Chassis 50 times.
  • Crushing Award – Wipe out enemy and live 100 times.
  • Storming Award – Attack opponent first 30 times.
  • Survival Award – Return alive 10 times or more in a row.
  • Red Flag – Win a total of 100 times or more.
  • Bronze Wing – Destroy 50 or more enemy HOUNDs.
  • Bronze Flag – Secure COMBASs total of 100 times.
  • Bronze Hammer – Destroy enemy HQ and win 50 times.
  • Silver Wing – Destroy total of 100 enemy HOUNDs.
  • Silver Flag – Secure COMBASs total of 300 times.
  • Silver Hammer – Destroy enemy HQ and win 100 times.
  • Scout Valor – Scout experience level maxed out.
  • Soldier Valor – Soldier experience level maxed out.
  • Sniper Valor – Sniper experience level maxed out.
  • Command Valor – Commander experience level maxed out.
  • Gunner Valor – H. Gunner experience level maxed out.
  • Defense Valor – Defender experience level maxed out.
  • Bronze Patriot – Stay w/ same nation for 3 seasons.
  • Gold Eagle – #1 in total fame for a given period.
  • Gold Cross – #1 in seasonal fame at end.
  • Gold Wing – #1 in avg total fame for a given period.
  • Gold Hexagon – #1 in average seasonal fame at end.
  • Gold Sword Cross – #1 in total conquest pts for period.
  • Gold Lion – #1 in seasonal conquest points at end.
  • Marching Service – Travel total of 1000000.
  • Military Service – Deploy total of 300 times or more.
  • Capital Occupation – Affiliated nation destroys another.
  • Nation Resurrector – Successfully revive affiliated nation.
  • (40) Neroimus War Medal – Affiliated nation wins Neroimus War.
  • Look out for 360Monsters full review of Chromehounds coming soon.

    Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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