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Burnout 5 to feature “verisimilitude crashes”

Criterion’s Director of Design, Alex Ward, has confirmed that, in a huge change for the series, Burnout 5’s “unique selling point” will be it’s awesomely realistic crashes. Speaking to Newsweek, Ward stated:
“The first crash you see on PlayStation 3 has got to go way beyond everything you’ve ever seen, beyond anything that we’ve ever done because every time we put our game out, people say, ’It’s the best crashes ever in a game.’ We’ve got to go beyond that now.”

But what of the Xbox 360?
“At heart, my guys, the Burnout guys, we’re kind of specialists on the Sony system. Because it was always that way on Burnout.

“There’s a lot of negativity everywhere now on PlayStation. And it’s just ’cause people haven’t got it, haven’t seen it. People forget the astonishing stuff Sony have done, not just in the business, but the great software they’ve brought to us, the great hardware they’ve brought to us.”

Ward went on to describe the crashes in the game as “verisimilitude”, a nod towards the recent Superman Returns movie.
“If you don’t believe the crash is real, then it’s not going to frighten you. Because in Burnout, you see a crash 5,000 times, right? You play through the game and you crash, crash, crash, crash. We think the audience has become desensitized to that.”

Burnout 5 is expected to release sometime in 2007. You can expect more on the game, including it’s official title, in the months leading up to release.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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