Assassins Creed Initial Impressions

Before we start if you have not managed to see the Assassins Creed X06 Demonstration for yourselves, I suggest you do and then come back, ok? Watch Me

Ok wipe the drool from your chin and relax a little bit. What you have seen is ingame footagethat was shownat the X06 conference by Jade Raymond who happens to be the very lovely Producer for Assassins Creed. What makes this even better was the fact this was the first time the game has been showed in demo format and it was also live on the 360 too. Back in the day when Assassins Creed on the 360 was just a rumour, all eyes were looking at this impressive although unknown title from Ubisoft. This was to herald the dawn of true next-gen gaming and would point towards what games in the next-gen would all be about. Fast forward a few months and the announcement of 360 Assassins was all over the internet like town guards over a failed assassin’s crumpled body.

So here we are staring at gameplay footage of this, sure to be legendary new title from Ubisoft Montreal and a few questions are running through my brain. The first is the obvious “She is cute, what’s her number?” and the second is “How can I steal this game early?” and the third happens to be “Why do I love this game already?” While the first may reflect my childish semi stalker nature, the second my perchance for robbing stuff and the third may just show my love for this game, even though I have only seen in game footage for a day. As many of you will agree after watching the footage, Assassins Creed is looking very impressive, not just from a graphical point of view but for the huge amount of effort Ubisoft have put into the game to make it a fresh and new experience without sacrificing the fun and excitement that this game seems to be showing.

Coming from Ubisoft many will think of Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia and the PoP similarities are there because this was also the team behind the Prince of Persia: Sands of Timegame on last-gen systems. One thing you will notice is that fact the game is not really a stealth game. There are not a huge amount of shadows to hide in, no handy gadgets to aid in your assassination attempts and then dispatch your victims with. Instead of your reliance on shadows you will use your fantastic acrobatic and wall-crawling abilities to get the job done. While the demo has a few graphical issues present this is still a work in progress and already it is looking beautiful and is already showing off some next-gen goodies. What did you think about the crowd system? Looks pretty good and involves you into the gameplay more realistically than a few random NPC’s standing around. What about your first taste of freedom when you vault up the wall and scramble onto the rooftops? Gone are the days of having certain sections of the level can be used to climb, pretty much everything in Assassins Creed can and will be scaled. The idea for this is certainly from the Prince of Persia games but also from the craze of La Parkour aka Free-running. So marvel at the way you can scale a building and then hop along rooftops and beams without the timing and ninja reflex’s needed to navigate this kind of terrain in other games. What else awaits us in the final version? You will just have to wait like the rest of us.

While this demo is a great reflection on the final game there are so many questions still out there. What is the real story behind all this? How big will the game be? When is it coming? What is all that futuristic stuff that was shown when he died? Tune in next week…actually that is a big, fatlie. We won’t find out next week but rest assured that as soon as 360monster finds out any more information on this amazing looking title we will let you all our readers know. Take a few deep breaths, make a drink and watch the video again. Go on, you know you want to.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers


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