Arcade: Novadrome Tomorrow

Novadrome from Stainless Software the makers of old Carmageddon vehicle-combat franchise will hit the Xbox Live Arcade from tomorrow, at a little later time than normal – 09:00GMT. The title will set you back 800 MS Points.

For more details, read the following press release:

In “Novadrome,” gamers blast, smash and crash their way to victory as they fight for survival among friends and foes alike in one of the 15 detailed 3-D arenas. Abducted by robots from the planet Nova, the players must stop their captors before they launch a full-scale invasion against Earth. Gamers will need to use their speed, wit and determination to defeat robot gladiators and other abductees in a series of combat-driving competitions in high-powered armored vehicles equipped with front-mounted automatic weapons. “Novadrome” also provides gamers with a frantic multiplayer mode for up to eight players via Xbox Live*.

“Novadrome” will be available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points.


  • Frantic eight-player combat driving action set in a far-out alien world
  • More than 20 off-road-buggy-style combat vehicles
  • Fifteen arenas full of non-stop, furious action. Combat arenas feature upgrades, power-ups, obstacles and mines.
  • A wide range of dynamic vehicle-mounted weapons. Players can destroy their enemies and acquire their weapons as power-ups.
  • Adrenaline-pumping boss encounters. Humans in vehicles battle a variety of gladiatorial robot opponents.
  • Multiple gameplay modes and event types to choose from. Modes are Career, Arcade Challenge, Free Play, and Multiplayer.
  • Top of the class. Gamers can experiment with the various modes and master their gameplay to top the online “Novadrome” leaderboards.
  • Twelve achievements. Players can increase their gamerscore by 200 points with 12 diverse achievements.

Anthony Barker

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