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Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Due January 27th – More Famous Faces, 4 New Maps, Exo Zombies

Kevin Spacey was the big name with the big face that Sledgehammer managed to snag to slap on the tin for the retail release ofCall of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Now it’s time for the game’s first DLC pack, entitled Havoc,due out on January 27th, and the team don’t look to be slowing the flow of famous faces.

Set to appear in the new DLC mode, Exo Zombies, are the inimitable cinema legend, John Malkovich (ofBeing John Malkovich fame), Bill Paxton (Twister), Rose Mcgowan (Charmed) and Jon Bernthal (Shane from S1 & 2 ofThe Walking Dead).

The video above details what’ll be included in the DLC pack in full, explained by members of the dev team including the project’s head honcho, the gravelly-voiced Glenn Schofield. Aside from the new mode, we’ll be receiving four new maps, a new gun and ‘a new gun variant’.

The maps and their summaries are as follows:

  • URBAN – a fast map, favouring close-ranged weapons with a dynamic ‘lockdown’ element that will change sightlines and paths through the map during the match.
  • CORE– set in a ‘blown up nuclear facility’ in the Gobi desert. Three distinct lanes with a central killbox for close-quarters combat. There’s also a new map-specific killstreak reward in the form of a ‘decontamination drone’
  • DRIFT – somewhat of a winter wonderland set in the Rocky Mountains, there’s a festive, fairground feel. Shame this one wasn’t out in time for Christmas. A turning merry-go-round features, as well as a devastating avalanche part way through.
  • SIDESHOW – a ‘crazy, OTT map, based on people’s nightmares’. Open and favouring long-range players, with a big clown dispensing munitions. What more could you want?

The new weapon comes in the form of the AE4 Directed Energy Assault Rifle, already available to Season Pass holders.

Will you be tooling up come January 27th? Let us know what you think in the comments!


Sam Finch

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