4 New Releases this Monday

This Monday sees 4 new releases hit the Wii Virtual Store. Details below.

Wonder Boy (Sega Master System) 500 Wii Points
Kicking off our new Virtual Console SEGA MASTER SYSTEM line-up is the original Wonder Boy! Negotiate world after world of platform peril as you attempt to rescue your girlfriend Tanya from an evil king, in this much-loved arcade conversion.

Fantasy Zone (Sega Master System) 500 Wii points
Quirky, colourful shoot ‘em up Fantasy Zone pits you as Opa-Opa, a living spaceship, against waves of wacky enemies, collecting coins as you go. Visit the shop to kit out your craft with more powerful weapons, and engage the enormous bosses on more even terms!

Impossible Mission (Commodore 64) 500 Wii points
Evil genius Professor Elvin Atombender plans to destroy the world. As a lone agent, you must infiltrate his stronghold, avoid enemy robots, and piece together the secret code that can avert Armageddon! This C64 classic mixes action and puzzle-solving, and became one of the biggest hits of the 8-bit era.

California Games (Commodore 64) 500 Wii points
Go back to the 80s with this ‘totally tubular’ collection of sun-soaked sports games. Try your hand at surfing, skateboarding, BMX biking, roller skating and more, either solo or in competition with up to seven friends.

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