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360Monster is proud to unveil its latest competition the Madden League on the Xbox 360. The league will not begin for roughly two weeks, but we would kindly ask anyone who is interested to sign-up using one of the two links at the bottom of the article.

The actual league will be similar to that of the NFL as in we will have an AFC and NFC both with their very own North, East, South and West.

Following the layout of the NFL we will end up with an AFC and NFC champion winners who will then go on to play in the first every ‘Monster Bowl’.

You will be randomly selected a team to play with, this has been decided to stop people simply picking the Pats or the Eagles and using them simply because they have the best stats on the game. Of course thanks to the latest roster update many of the teams are in fact very similar in terms of skill which should stop the league becoming to one sided.
To play you will need a LIVE connection, Madden 07 on the 360 and be able to play on Sunday or Monday nights at 8pm GMT. If you do not show up for a certain amount of games we will remove you from the league and if theres any reserve players still willing to play they will take your place.

So before signing up MAKE SURE you are able to play.

Prizes – There will be prizes, but we don’t like to confirm prizes so we aren’t going to. We have been discussing various possibilites, but nothing will be confirmed for a couple of weeks, but no matter what they will be prizes worth fighting for.

Game Settings – Rosters will of course auto update so no HoF’s will be able to play… as for rules no doubt quarters we will reduce to 3mins and the rest is yet to be decided.

So if you are interested in signing up please leave your name and gamertag and also your e-mail (so we can let you know about the confirmed rules, dates, times, teams etc…) HERE.

Alternativley you can e-mail your details to lee@360monster.com.

Thank you and good luck to all participants…

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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