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So here we are in week 9 and there are quite a few tough calls coming are way this week. Last week we managed to get the Falcons v Bengals, Seahawks v Chiefs, Buccs v Giants, Titans v Texans, Chargers v Rams and Pats v Vikings results correct, let’s hope we can better 6 correct results this week.

This weeks featured game see the mighty Seahawks host the Raiders. Now this is a match that every fan will be watching as the struggling Raiders attempt to continue their little run by beating the Seahawks at the Qwest Field. So begins our week 9 predictions.

37 — 6

This weeks featured game sees the Seahawks face the Raiders and there two match winning streak. Sadly their little run ended at Qwest Field despite the valiant efforts by the raiders defence to hold the Seahawks back.

The first quarter saw the Seahawks take a commanding 14 nothing lead thanks to an 18 and 1yd pass touchdown. Their lead increased to 20 — 0 by the middle of the second after touch converted Field Goals were completed.

Right before the half the Raiders finally managed to get on the score sheet thanks to a huge 50 yard field goal. Sadly the Seahawks came out as they started and scored yet another TD this times from a 3 yd run by Bell. Then the game was sealed thanks to a 14 yd pass touchdown and finally a 34 yard field goal by Brown.

Of course the Raiders didn’t give up and managed to score the final points of the game with a 47 yard field goal, but sadly this game was never theirs to win.

15 — 20

After last weeks win against the Saints the Ravens continue where they left of this time against the Bengals who were finally beaten by 5 points. The game featured only one touchdown a 20yd pass by Ravens QB Boller. The rest of the points were made up by Field Goals and it shows just how well the Bengals and Ravens D played throughout the game.

21 — 24

The mighty Bills have beaten the Packers by a single field goal. Despite Favre totalling an impressive 210 yards from 15 throws the Bills were simply to good for the Packers. By the 3rd Quarter the Packers were in control with a 21 — 6 lead, but the 4th saw two touchdown passes and a field goal by the Bills who ended up leaving with the win.

12 — 6

Despite the Bears impressive Offense they could only beat the Dolphins with their kicker Gould. The final score was a tiny 12 — 6 to the bears and all 18 points were from field goals. Even so it means the Bears are still unbeaten and on their way to the playoffs.

42 — 13

The Lions come back from a bye-week hoping for a win but sadly it didn’t work out as planned. The on fire Vick who has finally learned how to the pass the ball managed to yet again set the stadium alight with 350 yards and 5 touchdowns of just 18 throws.

24 — 27

An overtime Field Goal saw the Jags beat the Titans. Despite two touchdown interceptions by Chris Hope the Titans just couldn’t finish the Jags off. Leftwich walked away with player of the match after his rather ambitious scrambles saw him get 2 Touchdowns.

27 — 34

A match which with 90 seconds to go had Texan win all over it was suddenly turned on its head with a massive 96 yd interception return by Sam Madison. The Texans lead from pretty much start to finish but they simply couldn’t get that final TD in the Giants red zone and ended up losing out by 7 points.

48 — 17

The Chiefs are the one team that no one wants to face right now, with each passing match they seem to be getting better and better and this weekend saw the Chiefs demolish the Rams by a massive 31 points. The Rams simply couldn’t get going against the formidable Chiefs and paid the price for some sloppy plays.

12 — 24

The Saints have one match since their by week and yet again they find themself losing out this time to the Tamps Bay Buccs. Despite the Saints taking an early 12 and 0 lead the Buccaneers weren’t phased and fought back and scored 24 points without reply to win the game.

20 — 27

The Cowboys came off an impressive win against the Panthers last week only to slip up against the Washington Redskins this week. Owens managed to get 4 catches, 110 yards and 1 touchdown but a last minute 23 yard pass touchdown by the Skins gave them the victory in a game which was hard to call right down to the final few seconds.

20 — 26

The Vikings who lost to the Pats last weekend have lost again this time to the 49ers. The 49ers who were smashed apart last weekend by the Bears managed to topple the mighty Vikings with the help of Alex Smith and his 320 yards.

22 — 33

Another routine win for the Chargers who destroyed the Browns in part due to 34 carries, 186 yards and two touchdowns by Tomlinson. The game finished with a 2 yd pass touchdown in the 4th.

48 — 20

Two teams who are superbowl contenders face off against one another with the result being pretty one sided. The Pats after decimating the Vikings with the passing game yet again tore apart another team this time the Colts and defeated them by a massive 28 points. Manning managed to tally up 264 yards but Brady stole the show with 410 yards from 22 throws 3 of which ended in TD’s.

16 — 33

It was a tough choice but in the end this result earned shock of the week. The Broncos came into this after a tough loss against the Colts and there woes continue as 2 interception returns finally gave the Steelers the win.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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