360 Monsters NFL Week 8 Predictions

Well in week 7 we managed to get a few results correct including the ‘Shock of the Week’. We put down correct results for the Giants vs Cowboys, Steelers vs Falcons, Chiefs vs Chargers, Cardinals vs Raiders and Eagles vs Buccaneers so we did pretty good last week.

Hopefully this week we can get a few more correct and in this weeks featured game we see a titanic clash between the 5 and 1 Broncos and 6 and 0 Colts in a game which will have fans no doubt on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

20 — 24

A very tough game to call, on the one hand you have the Colts with one of if not the strongest offenses in the NFL at the moment. On the other the Broncos who are the opposite of the Colts and have one of the strongest defenses in the NFL. The question being, which would come out on top, the Offense or Defense.

Well the game started quickly and the Broncos were quick to get off the mark with a 44yd pass from Plummer to Alexander and made the score 7 and 0. The Colts didn’t wait long and came back strong with a 4yd run by Addai who tied the scores at the end of the first with 7 a piece.

The second quarter like the first ended in a stalemate with the Broncos first getting a 1yd TD and then a 37yd Field Goal closely followed by the Colts with an 18yd TD and 29yd Field Goal. The teams went into the half with quite literally nothing between them at 17 — 17.

The third quarter saw the Colts take the lead for the first time in the game with a 28yd Field Goal, but halfway through the 4th Plummer managed to connect perfectly to Smith with a 27yd pass touchdown and so the game ended with the scores at 24 and 20.

Broncos fans will be chuffed as it is the first time this season that they have gone over the 20 point mark and it also means they are 6 and 1 and going strong with a six match winning streak.

30 – 20

We are yet to predict a Bengals win and yet again we see them go down this time to Vick and his rather inconsistent Falcons. Warrick Dunn of the Falcons walked away with player of the match after an amazing 144 yards from 24 carries and 2TD’s that gave the Falcons the game.

23 — 13

The Cardinals were unlucky to lose to the Bears and didn’t fare at all well against the off-form Raiders. Well it seems they have finally go into some sort of rhythm and came out guns blazing against the Packers and beat them by 10 points, Two match saving interceptions by James Darling handed the Cardinals the win.

24 – 41

In a high scoring affair the Chiefs came out on top against the Seahawks and smashed them by an amazing 17 points. The best touchdown without doubt was an 81yd interception return by Knight, the game was then wrapped up by a 54yd punt return by Parker

21 – 25

The amazing form of the Saints continues with an impressive win over the Baltimore Ravens. Drew Brees was on fire for the Saints and managed to total 336 yards from 19 throws, 3 of which ended with a TD. Sadly the Ravens usually solid Defense simply wasn’t good enough to stop Brees and Bush from walking all over them.

17 – 27

The NY Giants continue there good form with another great win over the Buccs. The Buccs who managed to win last week against the Eagles with a unbelievable 62 yard Field Goal were sadly no match for the Giants and Mannings 286 yards.

9 — 37

The Jaguars who were destroyed by the Texans last week see themselves being kicked while they’re still down by the Eagles. The Eagles managed to get thirty points with no reply and shut out the Jags in two of the four quarters. Westbrook after getting over 100 yards in the air and ground last week managed to put in an impressive 116 rushing yards and 50 recieveing yards to help the Eagles topple the Jags.

21 — 28

It’s hard to believe that entering this match both teams had a one match winning streak. Sadly one of them came to an end and it was the poor Texans. The Texans although they played well never managed to score a single touchdown instead their points were made up of 7 field goals. The Titans on the other hand got no Field Goals and four TD’s and that’s what won them the game in the end.

7 — 23

What looked to be a close contest ended up being a walk in the park for the Chargers who beat the Rams by a massive 16 points. The Chargers managed to stop the Rams from scoring in the first three quarters and the Rams returned the favour in the 4th but it was simply to little to late for the Rams who went home with their tails between their legs.

31 — 6

The Browns have yet to win since coming back from their bye week and the Jets came away with an impressive 31 and 6 win aganst the struggling Browns. Highlight of the game was a 5 yard QB sneak by Pennington who despite having 5 Browns players strapped to his legs managed to make it to the end zone to give the Jets a 7 and 0 lead in the first quarter. The game was wrapped up in the third with a 2yd pass to McCareins which made the score 28 and 3 and ended any chances the Browns had of coming back and winning the match.

38 — 24

The Raiders fans are on cloud nine at the minute after their first win of the season in week 7 against the Cardinals (guess who got the result right an all…). Well sadly there mini run of one win has ended with the Steelers beating the Raiders 38 and 24. The Raiders came out strong and took an early 14 nothing lead, but the Steelers fought back and took the lead in the 3rd and the Raiders simply couldn’t recover.

6 — 33

Two teams who last week lost their games came face to face with only one coming out the victor. Unluckily for the Cowboys there was never any contest as the Panthers steam rollered over the Cowboys and went away with a 33 and 6 win. A Howard Interception in the third gave the Panthers the points in a game which was always theres to lose.

20 — 13

This was always going to be a close game and sure enough a 1yd run by Brady with 14 seconds to go meant the Pats went home with the win. Brady was easily player of the match after completing 23 out of 25 passes and tallying up 258 yards by the end of the game.


30 – 10

Without doubt the shock of the week. The unstoppable Bears with there 5 and 0 have been beaten by the struggling 49ers. Despite Grossmans 313 yards the Bears simply couldn’t stop the 49ers from getting three touchdowns in a row one of which was a rather spectacular 57yd punt return.

There we are week 8 is done, tune in next week where the Colts will face off against the Pats and the Raiders have another tough week against the mighty Seahawks.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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