360 Monsters NFL Week 7 Predictions

Here we are in our second week of our predictions already. Last week we only got three results correct those being Dallas v Texans, Bengals v Tampa Bay and Chargers v 49ers, but that was in part due to us accidentally leaving the Hall of Famers in the rosters.

So now comes the 360Monster NFL Week 7 Predictions which have all been predicted via Madden 07 on the Xbox 360 and of course theres quite a few odd results as you will see below.

This weeks featured game sees the Giants and Cowboys who are both 3 and 2 face off against each other in what is sure to be one hell of a match.

27 — 20

A game which was always going to be a close affair ended with the Giants taking away the points with a 7 point win over the Cowboys.
The Giants took an early lead from a 2yd touchdown pass from Manning, but that was cancelled out when Blesdoe sneaked in for a 1yd rush to level the scores. Then with 4 seconds left on the clock in the 1st the Cowboys managed to get a 2yd run touchdown to take the lead.

The 2nd quarter started with the Cowboys taking the lead to 13 with a 32 and 52yd field goal. With a minute left the giants kicked a 47yd field goal to take the deficit down to just 10. Then the 3rd quarter saw a strong Giants defense turnover the Cowboys and came back with 2yd touchdown by Barber.

By the end of the third quarter the Cowboys were in the lead by 3 points, but the Giants managed to complete a 29yd field goal to level the scores. Then with only one minute on the clock Eli Manning made a stunning 50yd touchdown pass to Burress to finish of an amazing game.

3 — 16

The Falcons came back from a loss against the Giants to defeat the Steelers. Two interceptions by Atlanta’s Ed Hartwell helped the Falcons stampede over the struggling Steelers. The game only saw one touchdown with the rest of the scoreline being made up by field goals.

13 — 16

In a shock defeat the Patriots have lost 13 and 16 against the Buffalo Bills. The game was won by a 52yd Reed touchdown with only 20 seconds on the clock. The Patriots QB Brady managed to take 254 yards of 26 throws, but it simply was enough to stop the Bills from going home with the points.

23 — 20

The Bengals terrible form continues with a third loss in a row this time to the Carolina Panthers, An interception by Panthers Mike Minter ended with a touchdown which sealed the points for the Panthers.

27 — 21

The Texans today left the game against the Jaguars losing by six points. Despite an amazing 72 yard interception by Greenwood the Jaguars were simply to good for the Texans and ended up with a comfortable win.

20 — 34

The Chargers were tipped to come out of this game with a nice solid win, but instead the Chiefs Defense demolished them. Four sacks and three turnovers by the Chiefs meant they came out of the game in pole position with the Chargers never truly getting into the game despite a great performance by San Diego QB Whitehurst.

9 — 28

Finally the Miami fans have something to chant about after an easy win against the Packers. The game ended with Miami winning by a massive 19 points. The Dolphins were always the better team and managed to get three turnovers and ended up leaving the game with over 300 more yards than the Packers,

21 — 14

The Lions it seems have suddenly found some form. After last weeks sterling performance against the Bills they continue their run by beating the Jets away from home. Cotchery managed to connect with Pennington for a 59yd touchdown for the Jets, but it simply wasn’t enough to beat the Lions who leave the game with two wins in a row.

17 — 30

The Browns come of their bye week to defeat the mighty Broncos by 13 points. The game saw a total of 6 turnovers and despite the Broncos having seventy percent of the possession it just wasn’t good enough to beat the rested Browns.

27 — 20

The Redskins come from a titanic loss last week to beat the unstoppable Colts by a single touchdown. The game was won with a 47yd touchdown by Lloyd of the Redskins with under sixty seconds to go. Manning managed to total 257 yards from 24 throws, but the Redskins were simply the better team on the day.

14 – 21

We predicted the Raiders coming out on top against the Broncos last week and again we see the Raiders on the winning side of the game in week 7. Despite an amazing performance by the Cardinals against the Bears last week the Raiders were just to much to handle and a rather nifty 27yd pass finished them of and gave the Raiders the points.

23 — 24

First the Rams and now the Vikings, the Seahawks have had two very tough opponents and in an amazingly close game Seattle were finally crowned victors with a lead of only 1 point. Despite an early lead from the Vikings the Seahawks fought back and won the game with a 14yd pass by Hassleback in the 4th quarter. Seahawks QB Hassleback walked away with player of the match after totalling up an amazing 351 yards from only 24 throws.


17 — 33

This weeks shock result sees the Tamp Bay Buccaneers defeating the mighty Eagles by a mighty 16 points. Despite a bright start from the Eagles the Buccs, fought back and grabbed three touchdowns in a row which finished the Eagles of and gave Tampa the points.

That wraps up this weeks predictions, hopefully this weeks results will show some resemblance to the actual results now that the Hall of Famers have been removed from the rosters. Don’t forget tune in next week where our featured game sees the Steelers travel to Oakland to see if they can notch another win against the of form Raiders.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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