360 Exclusives Doing Much Better Than PS3

360 Magazine has recently done some research into the games exclusive to either the PS3 or Xbox 360 to see just which console is doing the best in that particular market. Looking at the latest 5 exclusives for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 360 Magazine has come out with some interesting figures to say the least.

The list of games from 360 Magazine:

Uncharted 2 (4.73m) v Gears Of War 2 (6.11m)
In the battle of third-person narrative driven shooters, Epic’s testosterone fest comes out on top, offering gamers more grunts per buck. And before complaints arise that platform and puzzle elements mean the two can’t be compared, Uncharted wouldn’t have toppled any of the 360’s top three titles. This was, clearly, the fairest fight. – 360 1, PS3 0.

Killzone 3 (1.78m) v Halo 3 (11.3m)
The less said about this battle of the dull and grimy against vibrant and innovative, the better. We’ll move swiftly on, then. – 360 2, PS3 0.

Gran Turismo 5 (6.43m) v Forza Motorsport 3 (4.91m)
The PlayStation claws its way back into the game, riding on the crest of a textureless, jaggy wave. Still, a licensing agreement with the world’s most popular motoring show will surely sort this competition right out. – 360 2, PS3 1.

Heavy Rain (1.79m) v Alan Wake (1.04m)
It seems people enjoy wandering around the modern world shouting “Jason” than through a Stephen King knock-off. It’s a feeling we can largely agree with, though it’d be nice if pressing left made your character go left, and right made them turn right. Opening a door doesn’t make for an exciting minigame. – 360 2, PS3 2.

Resistance 2 (2.15m) v Left 4 Dead 2 (3.27m)

The PlayStation’s remaining headline shooter provides poor competition for Valve’s homage to teamwork, prising its way into far fewer consumers’ wallets, making for a final score that’s please Bill Gates immensely. – 360 3, PS3 2

Now this may seem a little unfair, maybe you think the pairings don’t give a clear picture. No matter as we’ve also got a bar chart showing the latest ten exclusive titles for both consoles and again the 360 comes out on top as you can see below:

In total the 360 exclusives have outsold the PS3 by six million units, so for now it’s safe to say that the Xbox 360 is the clear winner when it comes to exclusives.

Lee Matthews

Lee is an avid gamer, photographer, film buff and sports fan. A scaly brat since birth it only seemed right for him to join Her Majesties Armed Forces of which he has been a proud member ever since. Despite a long absence from gaming, during which he spent many a night reminiscing about the glory days on Halo 2, Matty is now back online smashing his way through Black Ops and soon enough Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3.

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