I must admit, it is rather odd to hear about a patch for a game that has not even arrived yet. At the very least, it shows the Developers are committed to making Brink on Consoles just as good as the PC version. A recent statement byJustin Vallejo, a public relations representative for Bethesda.

“The Xbox 360 version of Brink will benefit from an automatically-applied day one update on release, which will address sporadic visual glitches at distance, texture pop-up and some minor networking issues,”

Hopefully the Developers keep on updating the game, not only with game fixes but with juicy DLC and additional toys to play with. Keep an eye on Console Monster over the coming weeks for more information on BRINK.

Barrie Rogers

Like many of the Staff on Console Monster, Barrie likes playing games. Spanning the aeons of time, he has played games on various formats and tends to play games because they are fun and not just because a certain company makes them. He enjoys a good shooter but tends to focus around Team-based and objective based gameplay. Also has a unhealthy obsession with Loot Collecting games. So, if you can make a Team and objective based loot-whoring game, he will play it. Also, has a thing about Zombies

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