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Why Monster Hunter World has become Capcom’s best-selling title

New and old Hunters speak out

Monster Hunter World has been a tremendous success so far and has taken the gaming world by storm. The latest addition to the series is now officially the best-selling title in Capcom history with 7.5 million copies shipped worldwide. 

It has also smashed company records for being the first Capcom series to reach 5 million units shipped on the first three days of launch. On top of that, it’s become the fastest Capcom title to ship 6 million copies in the developer’s history.

Monster Hunter World has received critical acclaim from a variety of different reviewers:

IGN – 9.5/10

GameSpot – 8/10

Metacritic – 90%

It’s estimated that 7 million players are currently slaying and capturing the wide variety of monsters the game has to offer. 

Best Selling Capcom Titles 

  1. Monster Hunter World (2018) – 7.5* 
  2. Resident Evil 5 (2009) – 7.3
  3. Resident Evil 6 (2012) – 7.1
  4. Street Fighter 2 (1992) – 6.3
  5. Resident Evil 2 (1998) – 4.96 

Million Units Sold as of December 2017

*Million Units Shipped as of March 2018

Data from Capcom Investor Relations website 

But what’s made Monster Hunter World Capcom’s best-selling title to date? I asked a range of different hunters what they love about the game.

‘‘One of the biggest things I love about this game is the seemingly infinite replay value. Capcom has figured out a way to make killing the same monster over and over again incredibly fun’’ said Patrick, who’s a newcomer to the series.

‘‘What I feel makes this game truly great is that you really feel a sense of accomplishment when you overcome a monster fight that you weren’t really prepared for. Simply changing your preferred weapons literally feels like stepping into a whole new game.’’ Matt, partial newcomer, told me. MH World being his ‘‘first deep forray’’ into the franchise. He briefly played Monster Hunter Tri (2010) on the Wii, which was the last Monster Hunter game to release on home consoles prior to the latest entry.

‘‘Great multi-layered environments teeming with life and solid game mechanics make no two hunts feel the same. Hunting, tracking, gathering, fishing, cultivating, cooking, eating, capturing pets, the list goes on and on. Never a dull moment in Monster hunter world’’ said Joe, another new hunter.

I also spoke with a Monster Hunter veteran, Alex, who’s been playing since the first handheld release, Monster Hunter Freedom, on the PSP in 2006. I asked him what he felt Capcom have done differently with Monster Hunter World compared to previous entries in the franchise.

‘‘Monster Hunter World has refined its gameplay by removing all the unnecessary mechanics that were seen in previous titles. 

You used to have to buy bug nets, pickaxes and fish bait to farm for specific materials; that would often break, thus wasting time, and also take up inventory space – which has also been refined by having a ‘loot’ pouch, separating your equipment such as your drinks and supplies from your materials (something the old series failed to do). The crafting system is also much easier now. In Monster Hunter World it’s all at your fingertips.

As for information on monsters, the previous guides in games were more focused on the lore and descriptions of each monster, forcing you to look online for specific item drop rates, weaknesses and traits; whereas MH World has a Monster Field Guide book that offers all information and more.’’

Best Selling Monster Hunter Titles 

  1. Monster Hunter World (2018) – 7.5*
  2. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (2010) – 4.9
  3. Monster Hunter Generations (2015) – 4.3
  4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (2014) – 4.2
  5. Monster Hunter 4 (2013) – 4.1

Million Units Sold as of December 2017

*Million Units Shipped as of March 2018

Data from Capcom Investor Relations website 

The Monster Hunter team at Capcom has listened to its community and transformed the series over years of trial and error, combining good and unique aspects from each title, to create something beyond perfection. 

Not only this, but they have finally utilised the larger platforms and improved systems of consoles and PCs’’ (The PC version is planned to release in Autumn.)

He went on to say, ‘‘The game now purely focuses on ‘The Hunt’ by immersing the hunter into its magical and diverse worlds that are a feast to the eyes – something that was unachievable on its previous handheld systems. 

Now, there is an unlimited space for growth and development of the series. In addition to this, since it’s the first in the series on mainstream consoles, it is clear to see that the developers still pride themselves in their work, and it shows in their work; ranging from the smallest details to the grandest storylines. 

Much like they did with their handheld titles, I think Capcom will undoubtedly continue to improve the series, especially with its new-found popularity in the West.’’

By Reuben Bernal


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