When will people quit quitting? – FIFA 11

This blog is more of a rant than anything but I feel I need to get it out my system so here goes. How annoying are gamers who quit while playing FIFA 11? Very annoying that’s how. It frustrates me so much when my opponents quit with more than a half to go. Imean what’s the point? You’re not going to improve your game by quitting every time someone scores a goal into you. Here are a couple of examples of things that happened to me last night.

Game 1

My opponent rocks up as Spain, the world champions. So because I like to play the same genre of team (International or club) as my opponent I decided I would go Holland and re-create the 2010 World Cup Final. So after a cagey start my opponent scores a wonder goal with David Villa from outside the 18 yard box. Do you see me quitting? NO. Instead I applaud and say to myself, “fair play mate”. So one nil down I continue to play my game and manage to get it back to 1-1 after a Dirk Kuyt cross found its way to Robin Van Persie’s head followed by the back of the net. Half time, 1-1.

Second half resumes and I manage some nice one touch passes which get me into my opponents 18 yard box. Goal! I’m now 2-1 up and chuffed with myself. Lo and behold my opponent decided enough is enough and quits.Frustrating.com!

Game 2, the very next game

This game was a slightly harder game than the previous with the game goalless with 5 minutes remaining. I’m Liverpool and he’s Manchester City. I manage to geta late corner and Torres jumped like a salmon out of waterto get his head on the ball and grab me that all important winning goal. That goal was followed by a Peter Crouch like robot celebration. Wrong move it seems as that obviously peeved my opponent off who then quit with 3 minutes left to go. What’s the point?

Game 3, the game after that

In this game I can understand why my opponent quit but still feel he shouldn’t have. My opponentpciked big spendersReal Madrid and I stuck with my beloved reds, Liverpool. After 25 minutes I found myself three nil up. As a result of such demolition my opponent quit on me. Now obviously he/she didn’t want to get humped, but surely to improve his/her game he/she should have played on and tried to stop the leak, and perhaps even score a goal? I know if I’m getting beat I never give up as throughout the game you will always get chances to score.

/Rant over

You might be saying ‘Well you still get a 3-0 victory on each occasion’, but that’s not the point is it? If you feel like you can take on the Console Monster king of FIFA put your gamertag in the comments below and i’ll set something up. I might even find a prize for anyone who can beat me.

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