What We’ve Been Playing – Jan ’09

The first month in 2009 comes to a close and it’s time for our regular Monster Month in Gaming. Today the Console Monster Crew report on what they have been playing over the past month, as well as an insight in the games they are looking forward to playing next month. Enjoy!

I’ve had a busy month selling games instead of playing them and thus I haven’t had much time to dig anything out. What I did do at last though was complete Fable II, which I had wanted to do for some time. I’m still playing through the various side-quests now, but I really enjoyed the game in parts and think it is ideal for anyone wanting to get into Role Playing/Action games.

I’ve also been ploughing through Sonic Unleashed, which again I think has grown on me more as I’ve played it. Yes it has its faults, but some sections are fun.

Finally I’ve been cracking on with the Drum Career mode on Guitar Hero: World Tour and have purchased songs on a weekly basis for Lips which I enjoy playing with the girlfriend on random nights with some beer!

Dave I’ve been revisiting some of my older titles this month. I made major progress on Saints Row which hadn’t entered my disc tray since the end of 2006! Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, Beowulf and LEGO Batman also saw a lot of game time in my attempt to boost my GamerScore. Having not splashed out in the retail side, I did buy The Maw which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Next month looks set to be a fairly bleak as well though Halo Wars it out which is something I’ve really been looking forward to.

Lauren This month has been all about DLC. Heading back on Fable II for Knothole Island and Mirror’s Edge to prepare for the upcoming DLC has all been very enjoyable. I have also been frantically looking around for more information on Tomb Raider Underworld‘s upcoming episode packs. Not to forget that I have to replay Mass Effect and it’s DLC for the sequel! Oh my brain!

One new item on the list next month is my excitement for FEAR 2. I was not a fan of the first but after a sitting with the demo; I have really enjoyed all the creepy jumps and outrageous gore being thrown at me, delicious indeed.

Being the first month of the year, and all the fuss off going back to work and everything, January for me has mainly been about trying to get back into the swing of things. A bit of a drought in the new games market as well so I’ve been playing plenty of Team Snipers in Halo 3 and rocking away in Guitar Hero: World Tour.

I did manage to fit in the arcade game Interpol as well but that wasn’t much fun. It’s a game where you have to find small items in a 2D still image. You can read my impressions of the game by clicking here.

As for the month ahead? I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy of Brothers in Arms, so i’ll try and complete yet another World War II game. I don’t think it will live up to the heights set in the Call of Duty series, but you never know…

Marty This month I’ve been taking advantage of the January sales. The bargains to be had included Cid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, Race Driver: Grid, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and James Bond: Quantum of Solace. Out of all of these, I’ve spent the most time with Civilization Revolution and Grid.

I made a trip back to Albion in Fable 2’s DLC. Unfortunately it was short lived: they still haven’t fixed the black screen of death bug which completely locks up the Xbox360. Given the amount of time I put into the game before this issue raised its head, there’s no chance of me starting afresh.

I’ve also been revisiting Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice on PS3. The third instalment hasn’t managed to capture the magic of the first game, yet somehow I’ve still clocked up a staggering sixty-odd hours along the way.

Looking ahead I suspect I’ll be heading back to the Washington DC wastelands – thanks to Bethesda releasing the first of three DLC packages for Fallout 3. Get that pip-boy 3000 prepped and ready to go…

Sam Returning from America with my overseas bounty of cheap, region-free, second-hand games, my month started off playing Guitar Hero II amongst other old titles until the true gem of the month for me, Skate 2, brought much joy in the midst of its half-pipe heaven.

After not doing that much gaming at all until later in the month, I finish the first 8% of the year with a low, baleful hum of boredom at the truly mind numbing Samurai Warriors 2: Empires. Anything for a bit of GamerScore, eh?

Reece I hit 50,000 gamerscore! Yes, that is all.

This month I’ve not had the pleasure to pick up a pad that much, thanks to work, tax returns and getting out our Console Guide iPhone Application. The recent firmware update for the PS3 has unlocked the gates to WipeoutHD nirvana on PS3 once again, love that game. So I’ve been chipping away at the single player campaign.

With the lack of new titles out this month it has enabled me to kick back on a few oldies but goldies as well as some games that have been waiting to be played, such as Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I completed Call of Duty World at War at the beginning of the month, which was traditionally short lived, but good fun. I’ve recently had the urge to play Need for Speed Most Wanted and Forza 2, which I’ve been getting back into, I’ve forgotten how good that racer really is.

Next month I’ll be keeping an eye out for Street Fighter IV, F.E.A.R 2 on the Xbox 360 and Killzone 2 for PS3.

So what have YOU been playing this past month, let us know your gaming antics in the comments below! Until next month, happy gaming to all our fellow Monsters!


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