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The shortest month of the year comes to a close and it’s time for our regular Monster Month in Gaming. Today the Console Monster Crew report on what they have been playing over the past month, as well as an insight in the games they are looking forward to playing next month. Enjoy!

It’s been a quiet month for me on the Xbox 360. However I did purchase the GTA IV expansion, and although impressive, I’m not getting into the whole ‘biker’ image. The content does set the benchmark for future expansions however on different games.

I’ve continued my slog at Sonic Unleashed, slowly but surely completing it (it is a pain collecting medals!). I’ve also loaned The Simpsons Game from my brother and have to say it is a quirky and relatively nice easy game to play. I like the way it mocks other videogames and thus far it has enabled me to get some easy achievements.

Aside from that I’ve not purchased any new games this month, perhaps next month I might invest in something fresh but I have a backlog of games to get through first!

Dave It’s been a fairly quiet month for gaming, so it was back to some of the older titles for me. I finally completed Prince of Persia and Grand Theft Auto IV’s storylines, both of which were great fun and contained endings which were joyous to watch.

February also saw me trying out games which I’ve either not or barely started, including Mass Effect and The Bourne Conspiracy. I’m slowly but surely making my way through both.

I picked up You’re In The Movies for a family night-in, whilst it didn’t prove to be the best, it was fun to play and provided laughter throughout. I also obtained Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned. You can read my views on it here.

Halo Wars is no doubt the only retail title I’ve even considered buying this month, mainly because Street Fighter isn’t really my thing. After playing the demo of Halo Wars, I fell in love with it.

And as for March, well, after being disappointed by the Resident Evil 5 demo, it’s looking pretty bland again…

Lauren Feb has been pretty good! F.E.A.R 2 being my game of choice, just wow! That game is not only a fantastic FPS title in it’s own right – it scared the pants off of me too! I’m a huge horror game fan, I am used to all the obvious scares, but F.E.A.R 2 just flip it around and made me jump so easily. Why is that? I don’t know. Just play it, I demand you to!

Other obsessions this month have been Street Fighter 4 and Sega Mega Drive Collection. SF4 has gone above and beyond for fans, I can only feel kind of cheated though as I struggle through easy/medium mode against Seth. I am usually pretty good at fighters but this one has got me all confused. I need a stick for this.

On the other hand, Sega Mega Drive Collection has been a wonderful return to games I loved and new experiences rolled into one. I love retro games, it makes me feel young again – The collection is fantastic and there are some great little interviews in there to keep you informed on top. It’s well worth a purchase, not only cause it’s cheap, but also because most of the achievements are easy 😉

The Tomb Raider Underworld DLC is now available and it’s bloody fantastic, well worth your time, and some very obtainable achievements in there too. Click here for my review.

Now I am off to Silent Hill!

This month I have had to pop down to the local Primark and buy myself a few new pairs of boxers. This is largely due to the fact that I purchased Left 4 Dead, that game is scary! Walking into rooms armed with a torch while playing in the dark is terrifying, and on expert it is just too hard!

I did manage to recover from the zombie infested game and had the time to take the Xbox 360 exclusive RacePro for a spin. The game’s AI is so infuriating as seen in my review, but it was good fun to chill out and record some super fast lap times on my favourite race track – Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

You may be very surprised to hear, but I have played very little Halo 3 this month. Yes I know. It’s been killing me. But with RacePro and Left 4 Dead occupying my 360 i’ve just not had the time. I will be back on Halo 3 in March though as the new Mythic Map Pack DLC will be available! Read my review on the Mythic Pack here!

Marty Of late I’ve been neglecting the titles available on the Playstation Network, so this month I’ve taken the time to look at what I’ve missed over the last few months, and there have been a couple of treats.

The first of these is Everyday Shooter. There are plenty of twin-stick shooters on both XBLA and PSN, so what makes this one so different? It’s quite a surreal environment, with odd shapes and organic movements, complimented with a player influenced soundtrack. It’s a title with plenty of unlockables, that gets better the more it’s played; especially if done everyday. Your can read my review here.

Flower is another interesting title on PSN (why isn’t there more like this on XBLA?) – you may have already read my review, but I am quite enamoured by this title. It’s not so much a game, more an interactive painting – it’s just a joy to get away from modern day FPS and into something that’s relaxing and soothing to play. No blood and guts, just tranquillity.

Noby Noby Boy is perhaps the most bizarre of the lot. I’m somewhat unsure of how to even describe what it is, but its like stretching a worm to see how long it would get. it’s completely sandbox, no real goals or challenges, other than the ones you create yourself. This isn’t one to play if you indulge in mind altering substances – it might just drive you over the edge. Bizarre, yet somehow strangely entertaining. If you are curious to learn more, why not read my review.

Chris This month has been anything but quiet for me. I haven’t been playing a lot of new games, but this month I managed to borrow a copy of Skate 2 from a friend and I’ve been playing that a hell of a lot. Mainly throwing my skater down the dam to see how long I can survive or how many bones I can break.

Then Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box came along and stole my heart. I’ve never had as much fun racing around as I had with Burnout. I love the series and this is a worthy addition to the series. My review for the Ultimate Box content can be read here.
With Street Fighter 4 out, I also went back to SSF2THDR to perfect my skills and actually got a lot better. Then Street Fighter 4 came along, and Burnout was pushed aside. Since then I’ve just played SF4 all day. Seth is probably one of the cheapest characters I have ever seen, but my abilities with Sakura, my new default character is now whooping his ass.

I have been gaming more than my fair share this month. This has been mainly due to the awesome Street Fighter IV and the epic Killzone 2. Surprisingly my Xbox360 has been the one gathering dust this month. I’ve probably turned it on only a handful of times, mainly to check out the H.A.W.X. demo (which was good fun) and for my review for Street Fighter IV, which has been terrible for me, what with the 360’s awful D-Pad, I really must invest in a stick!

Reviewed this month (360 or PS3), I preferred to play SFIV on the PS3. Visually it felt sharper, more colourful and my moves can be pulled off instantly on the PS3 pad, instead of just being lucky when use the 360’s pad. So with that I’ve found myself unlocking most of the characters on the PS3 and trying to attempt the challenges, which some are proving to be a little tricky!

If you have not read my review already – Killzone 2 has been awesome and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve just started to get into the multiplayer now that the servers are up, but as always with console FPS’s, I am just useless cannon fodder!

Next month seems to be another quiet month of releases, so I’ll be chipping more away from the single player campaign in Killzone 2, starting to battle online in SFIV and maybe take to the skies in H.A.W.X.which releases next month.

So what have YOU been playing this past month, let us know your gaming antics in the comments below! Until next month, happy gaming to all our fellow Monsters!


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