What We Have Been Playing – October 2013

Each month of the year our regular staff members come together to tell you what each of them have been playing over the past few weeks, we like to call this our Monster Month. Read on to find out what each of us have been playing over the month, as well as give an insight in the games we are looking forward to playing in the coming month.


David B

Another great month in Los Santos

It’s been another great month as I have trawled through Los Santos enjoying all that GTA V can give. I really don’t’ know when I will stop playing this game, but so far I am still loving it. In the brief time I have not been playing GTA V, I have dabbled with the latest addition of PES as well as enjoy the very entertaining Wolf Among Us.

The Wolf Among Us is Telltales follow up to The Walking Dead, and no word of lie, they continue to deliver with their winning formula of episodic point and click adventures.

Outside of console gaming I have being hooked on Marvel Quest for My Galaxy S4 which is basically a match-3 game or for those that can make the comparison – a geek version of Candy Crush. It has great single player, strong re-playability as well as an online mode. It really is great fun.

Now to decide how to prioritise all of this next month’s releases

Craig A

The Next-Gen is nearly here

It feels like these Monster Months are coming around every week, never mind every month. October has flown by, however I have managed to squeeze in some gaming between work and the other commitments. Generally gaming consisted of playing, and causing mayhem on Grand Theft Auto Online with friends. Most of the bugs seem to have been solved and it’s extremely good fun when in a party of people you know. The races across the vast city are exciting and even more so when you have a couple of grand on yourself to win. If I was to raise any issue with GTA V Online it would be that it is annoying you can’t move from mission to mission. Instead after completing a story mission you’re often thrown into a selection of games that normally include races of some sort or deathmatches.

Outside of GTA V I have been playing Formula One 2013, of which there will be a review live on the site very soon. The main F1 season may be over thanks to Vettel’s dominance, however playing the game yourself allows you to change history. There’s also an interesting classic mode where you can race in specific scenarios from the 80’s. More on that in my review though.

As for November, well we all know what happens in November. Xbox One time surely?!

Rob R

Meanwhile back in Los Santos

I could be writing this from a month ago. Quite honestly I’ve not left the city of Los Santos since then. Every time I play this vast behemoth of a game, I come across something else that amazes me and leaves me wanting even more. I still have yet to explore the full map…I’ve put in 100 hours in total and I’m still only 45% in.

I’ve not put this many hours into a game EVER. I was glad to get online at last and despite the rocky start, I’ve had some exceedingly good fun with friends….the races in particular are a highlight and they are quite simply exhilarating in the rain.

Aside from GTA V, I did purchase a Vita…my first Sony product in some time. I picked up a great bargain at £140 for a Vita, 8GB card (still way too small), Killzone and Virtua Tennis plus a 1 month PS Plus subscription. I’m certainly very impressed by PS Plus which has given me a few games to get started without paying a penny. The Vita is a surprisingly good machine too with impressive online on Killzone and the graphics are great. I look forward to using remote play when I get a PS4 (which was why I decided to get one!).

Of course this month is going to be very special indeed. Two new console launches will herald a new era of gaming and one I’m eager to get my teeth into. Sadly Driveclub nor Watch_Dogs will form part of those plans now, which is a shame. I’m not one for yearly franchises, which rules out most of the other launch titles. One game that does look pretty decent is Need for Speed Rivals as well as Lego Marvel. Until then….

David W

Trick or treat?

October has been another good month for gaming. While I’ve somehow managed to avoid all the new releases, FIFA 14 and Grand Theft Auto V have dominated my Xbox 360’s disc tray.

This month’s biggest surprise was the fact that I swept the dust off Kinect in order to play Zumba Fitness Rush. With Christmas rapidly approaching, getting into shape with the help of Kinect means I won’t feel as guilty munching on all the chocolate Santa delivers.

Furthermore, I’ve had an underwater adventure with Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge. It’s just a shame the game isn’t as loveable as the television programme. Check out my full review on Console Monster.

Now in November, the wallet is in for a hard time with the release of the Xbox One. There are a number of launch games which are tickling my fancy, but it’s Dead Rising 3 which is a must purchase for me.

Justin O

Here’s To The Next-Gen

This month has been a mix of backlogs and Grand Theft Auto V. After achieving 100% completion in the main story mode, I clocked well over three days worth of playtime in GTA Online. While it had a bumpy start, things seem to be more or less smooth for the time being. Still waiting on that illusive ‘stimulus’ pack Rockstar is promising.

I also threw in a bit of handheld gaming with the Vita as well. Killzone Mercenary and Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate kept my hands busy. Both titles are a fantastic example of what the Vitacan do. I also gave Quantic Dream’s latest title, Beyond: Two Souls a try. If you want my advice, skip it. A confusing mess of a story with even less gameplay than previous endeavors, Beyond: Two Souls has to be one of the biggest fumbles in recent memory. Which saddens me considering how much I enjoyed the studio’s past games.

For the future I’m looking forward to the next-gen. With my PlayStation 4 arriving soon, I’m excited to get my hands on some new hardware. The launch games are a bit scarce, but hopefully the flood of new titles will begin to pour in with the new year.

Sam F

Five Guns West

An interesting month this time, folks! I finally got around to immersing myself in the well-endowed world of GTA V, embarking on a whirlwind voyage through its various tunnels and gutters, managing to get gunned down by gangbangers and jumped-up corporate types nearly as often as I found myself being mauled by cougars whilst enjoying a brisk walk upon Chiliad’s mountain ranges. Nothing like a few teeth in your neck to know you’re alive, however fleeting an insight this may prove.

The story came at a pace that suited me all fine and dandy, occasional interruptions arriving courtesy of my housemates who seemed entirely devoid of understanding when it came to the order, ‘Don’t you ****ing dare overwrite my saves or you’ll find your favourite shoes in the toilet again!’.

Needless to says many soles were needlessly soiled.

Having said my farewells to GTA for a while, because space can be good in all relationships, I prepared for the Call of Duty: Ghosts review event, where Activision were to let me have my fill of Infinity Ward’s latest offering, ahead of time, and with beers chucked in to boot. Of course, with the added alcoholic boons, much fun was had, though you’ll have to wait until Monday for our review and all the juicy details you’re no doubt craving.

On returning home, the bug had clearly bitten again and I dove back into Modern Warfare 3 to slake my thirst. Eagerly anticipating November and all the gaming joys it offers. See you next month!

Anthony B

October on the Battlefield

October saw GTA V polished off and a number of side missions cleared up. Little else has kept me going back to Los Santos since then, so it was time to venture online! Personally I wasn’t expecting that much after hearing all the negative feedback, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had in the few hours of playing online. Preferring all the race events over the shooting ones, there are plenty in here to keep me busy until next-gen is here!

Mid month I had played through BEYOND: Two Souls. Mirroring everyone else’s views, I too wasn’t a fan of its split timeline story and very hands off gameplay. This game certainly isn’t a first album beater, which is a shame after what could have been if it was all done correctly.

Battlefield 4 finished everything off in October. Finishing the rather soulless single player surpassingly quickly, I was soon exploring the new maps and modes found in its multiplayer. The cost of premium is a little cheeky, if I am honest, so I’ll be holding off that for a while, as by the time I got around to playing any new maps, they were already out for everyone else. There is also plenty here already to keep things fresh without dipping into premium, until the new maps come out at least.

November will soon bring us gamers into the next-generation age of consoles. Could this be the last big console launches? I have my Day-One Xbox One coming with Forza 5 and Amazon won’t be delivering my PS4 until early Dec, they say.Only a few weeks to wait now until we will find out what all the fuss is about.

So that wraps up our Monster Month for October. Why not let us know what YOU have been playing this past month, leave us your gaming antics in the comments below! Until next month, happy gaming to all our fellow Monsters!

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Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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