What does Twitch have to offer on the Xbox One?

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I was excited at E3 2013, as everyone was. However, there was one thing that truly intrigued me toward the Xbox One: Twitch.tv integration. Unfortunately, there wasn’t very much information on the subject, no matter what site I clicked on. There were plenty of rumours, but I had a few of my own. So, I decided to go straight to the source.

I sent an email over to my pal, Kevin Lin, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Twitch.tv, and asked a few questions. He transferred my questions over to Twitch’s VP of Marketing, Matthew DiPietro.

Matthew promptly replied to my email and gave me all the juicy details… At least the ones that he could.

Q: Will there be any features of the Xbox One Twitch integration that isn’t available with other twitch-enabled devices?

A: On a broad level, Twitch is integrated into hardware in one of two ways. The first is as a viewing app, which you will find on the OUYA and Xbox 360 and the second is as both a viewing and broadcasting app, which is the case with the Xbox One.

Q: Do you have any exclusivity deal with Microsoft regarding your integration with their platform?

A: We aren’t sharing details around Xbox One at this time, but we will have more details to share in the future.

Q: Do you have any plans to integrate into the PS4 either now or at some time in the future?

A. We cannot comment.

Q: Since the Xbox One has HDMI pass-through and can watch TV, does this mean that, technically, someone could live-stream a Television show?

A: We can’t speak to the technical capabilities of the Xbox One at this time, but if there is copyrighted material being streamed on Twitch, it would be a violation of our terms of service.

Q: Will there be any quality difference in streaming on the Xbox One versus streaming on something like say the Hauppauge 2?

A: We expect the streaming quality to be comparable on both, but can’t confirm the final stats on Xbox One since it’s still in the integration phase.

Q: What is your favourite thing about bringing the Twitch experience directly to the Xbox community, with now special hardware? Is there something that tickles your heart a bit when you think about that?

A: Easily the most exciting thing about this integration is that every major barrier to entry that exists in the current streaming ecosystem will be removed. This means no purchasing and installation of capture cards and other peripherals with the broadcasting process now simplified to a click of a button. This is a huge game changer that will open the door to a whole new wave of creativity.

I was impressed with the information I got. There’s plenty of stuff here for me to brew in my mind for a while.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Matthew Spurr

Matthew Spurr

Matthew is a young gamer from the USA. He's always been fascinated by video games, and gaming has devoured more of his life than even sleeping has. Matthew has always been dedicated to bringing only the finest content to the sites he writes for. He has always been good with computers, but his passions are still gaming and writing (as well as Batman). Matthew is always happy, as long as he has a fresh glass of cold lemonade beside him.

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