Us gamers love free stuff. Any excuse to not pay money and have a good time is always welcomed. That’s why free games are so awesome. If you find good ones, then you’re in for a definite good time. There is a misconception that indie games are for the pretentious, art-house loving stereotypical art students among us. Hopefully, I’m going to break that stereotype.

How am I going to do this? Well, once a week, hopefully, I shall show you the best free, independently made games available. There’s a sea of great games out there, made by hard working people that you’ve not doubt overlooked. Starting this week, I shall take you through this mysterious world by showing you two wonderful free games that will either:

A) Blow your mind

B) Keep you occupied for a while

C) Make you think

D) Blow your mind while you’re thinking to keep you occupied

Actually, I lied. This week, I’m not going to show you a few games, but instead what, exactly, the indie movement is.

What is it?

The increase in digital distribution through PCs and consoles have led to an increase of young, aspiring developers and artists to get their thinking caps on to create some games. This rise of new developers has brought with it fresh ideas, new genres and a lot of new talent. Indie games are the easiest way to get into the games industry. They don’t cost a lot to make, but they do take time and effort. This new talent leads to the reinvention of old styles and features which really invigorates the industry and gives unique games that otherwise might not be even dreamt up.

Why should I care?

For this, I’ll let Jonathan Blow, creator of the fantastic Xbox LIVE Arcade title – Braid, explain:

“Games are an important medium for communication. They have a mode of expression that’s very different from what other media can do. However, the mainstream industry does not spend much effort exploring the expressive power of games; that’s where the indies come in. Indies can make whatever games they want to make, because they feel those games are interesting – which is something the mainstream industry is no longer capable of.”

Basically, indie games are stopping the stagnation of gaming. The bigger companies are churning out the same games every year and it just gets boring. Originality is the key to the games industry. Hit the consumers with something new and original and you will be loved.

Braid is one of the highest rated Xbox Live Arcade games, and it was made by two guys. If that's not proof that indie games can be good, then I don't know what is.
Braid is one of the highest rated Xbox LIVE Arcade games

What have Indie games given me?

Well, for starters, Braid is one of the highest rated Xbox LIVE Arcade games and that was made by two guys. Pixel Junk Eden is somewhat indie and, again, has been very well rated. Need I say more?

OK, Indie games are important and over the weeks to come I’m going to be showing you the best of the best, the creme de la creme and, hopefully, open your eyes to some amazing free games that are out there.

Chris Taylor

Chris is a Northern lad with a passion for video games. With his opinions on video games and his need to force these onto other people, Chris began writing for Console Monster in 2006. Chris is a bona fide nerd who enjoys any decent game that can keep his interest. Being a keen music fan, in his spare time (what little he has) he likes to go to gigs and spends most time with some music on.

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