Reasons Not to Buy a Next-Gen Console Upon Release

So many people are thinking that they will pick up a next-gen console upon release, but equally I think a few people are having second thoughts, including me. Here are some reasons why I’m pondering whether or not to buy a next-gen console upon release.

Money Money Money, Oh! and Christmas.

The price war between the two consoles has caused a bit of a stir, and to be honest, Sony dropping the requirement to have the PlayStation Eye as a mandatory purchase could well have swung gamers in their favour. Dropping the Eye shaved pounds off the retail price making it £349.99, and with Microsoft standing firm on the Kinect issue, their console will retail at £429.99. Now that is a ridiculous price to expect anyone to pay on day one. Now while the PlayStation 4appears to be the better deal, let’s look at the bigger picture here. £349.99 is still a lot of money to ask of someone for a games console, and that’s before you add any decent games and perhaps an extra controller to the scene. I feel that the launch price of the Xbox 360 was perfect – £279.99.

Price aside it couldn’t come at a worse time for consumers. Yes, Christmas is a great time of year, and yes these consoles will release slightly before Christmas, but why put yourself under the extra financial pressure of buying a next-gen console? Why search for a spare £500 when you could wait a while to see how each of the consoles pan out, and perhaps even wait for a price drop. Now obviously if money isn’t an issue then you can move onto the next reason.

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Which one do you actually buy? We don’t know which one will be the best. We’re not sure if there will even be a big difference. So why jump into a decision when you could let others buy the consoles, then read the reviews and make an informed decision. This way when you do take the plunge, you take the plunge fully equipped with scuba gear and everything. You also get the chance for all the day one bugs and niggles to be sorted, which could be a blessing in disguise.

Bug Spray Please!

New consoles being released in mass will always have their teething problems. It happened with the Xbox 360, and it will likely happen to the new consoles too. I am in no way saying that there will be bugs, but i’d be very surprised if the launch of both consoles is a smooth one. It may be better to delay any purchase and see if there are any issues. This may also help you decide which console to actually buy.

…and finally, Grand Theft Auto V!

Need I say any more? To be honest I probably don’t need to, but since I’m here what better reason to not buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 upon release than to play Grand Theft Auto V instead?! Grand Theft Auto V is going to be gigantic in size, have a colossal campaign, have an abundance of side missions as well as a highly anticipated multiplayer. You just simply won’t have enough time to play a new console, even though Grand Theft Auto V releases in September. If Grand Theft Auto V was being released on the next-gen consoles I wouldn’t have written this article, but it isn’t and that’s why I think GTA V could be a reason that you wouldn’t pick up a next-gen console at release.

So for me, my biggest reasons are the money and the fact I’ll probably still be playing Grand Theft Auto V well into the New Year. That combined with the fact that I’m still not convinced with the whole “every game can use Kinect”, I think I genuinely will stave off my inhibitions to buy a new console upon release.

What are you going to do? Can you think of any other reasons why not to buy a new console upon release? Put your thoughts into a comment below and tell us.

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