Monster Month: September 2010

This month has seen a mixed bag gaming wise. Highlights have been Halo Reach, a game I have only had time to play about an hour of but have enjoyed so far, mixed between having a number of pretty poor games to review for the site, namely Top Gun and Kung Fu Rider. I was particularly disappointed with Top Gun as it’s one of my favourite films, it has everything; fast jets, motorcycles, classic quotable dialog – did you spot it all in the review? On the other hand, Kung Fu Rider just made me sick in my own mouth – a classic example of using motion control for the sake of it, rather than for the good of game.

I finally got to the end of the main story in Red Dead Redemption, and although the game ending wasn’t totally satisfying, I still very much enjoyed the journey, one I preferred over GTAIV. I do like games that provide a lot of rewards for exploration and adventure, and Red Dead certainly has plenty of that.

I also picked up Sony’s Move controller along with a couple of games. I’ve really enjoyed playing Sports Champions, relishing the awesomely accurate one-to-one control that Move offers. It works particularly well in the Table Tennis and Gladiator mini-games. Flight Control and Tumble via Sony’s PSN marketplace are definitely worth picking up to enjoy with the new controller if you’re short on the readies. The problem Move faces now is a serious drought in releases against the upcoming Kinect. Speaking of Kinect I’ve had one in my living room for the last month, unfortunately the NDA prevents me from putting my impressions up about it until November, but I know which I prefer and which works better for me. Games need buttons. More on that next month when I’m free to put forth my experiences of the system.

The next couple of months sees some exciting times, there are so many releases on the run up to Christmas that it’s going to be virtual impossible to dedicate the hours to all of them. I’ve decided to plump for two that I know will fill a lot of time: Gran Turismo 5 which hits at the beginning of November, and FallOut New Vegas which will be with us in a few weeks. FallOut 3 provided over 80 hours of gaming so I have high hopes for New Vegas, and GT5 looks to have plenty to it too, including the Top Gear Test Track – I will be able to prove once and for all, that I am in fact faster than any star in a reasonably priced car. Just watch me.

Until next month, when I’ll reveal just what Kinect is like to use in your own home, keep gaming gamers, and make sure to let me know what games you’re looking forward to over the next couple of months.


Marty Greenwell

Marty has been gaming since the heady years of the ZX-81 and still owns most of the gaming systems purchased since those days, including the Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum, SNES, Jaguar, Dreamcast and GameCube. Being a collection junkie (or more accurately, hoarder), he buys more games than he can possibly play, far too many of which are still sealed in their packaging. Marty favours RPGs and Driving games when it comes to genres, and is possibly a little bit too addicted to Disgaea. When not gaming he’s out frightening OAPs on his motorcycle, clad in black leather.

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