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Monster News

Major Nelson doesn’t like the Xbox One being nicknamed ‘Xbone’

When Microsoft revealed that the next-gen Xbox’s name was going to be Xbox One, some people clambered to think of a shorthand term for it right off the gate. Of course, that’s easier said than done since it’s not as easy as the Xbo

Video leak shows Xbox One dashboard

Someone has access to an Xbox One,and has posted the above video which takes a closer – and less PR fuelled – look at the Xbox One’s Dashboard, which resembles Windows 8′s tiles very much, as well as a quick look at Ryse

Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV

Sony have revealed a new piece of hardware in Japan coined the ‘Playstation Vita TV’. The device is designed to play PS Vita enabled games and apps on your television. Therefore that includes not only PS Vita games but PS1, PSP and apps such as Netfl

DuckTales: Remastered coming to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday

The Xbox Live Arcade is set to go quackers on Wednesday.

FC Shakhtar Donetsk to feature in FIFA 14

Introduced in this year’s FIFA will be FC Shakhtar Donetsk from theUkrainian Premier League, EASports has confirmed. In addition to the full licensed team and kits, their home stadium known as the Donbass Arena will be added.

Diablo III demo arrives on the Xbox Live Marketplace

Full game available later this month.

GTA V GTA 5 Street Poster Reveals New Characters

Posters are going up in towns around the world for the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. This particular poster however shows a group of unseen characters that gamers will no doubt encounter in next week’s hot release of 2013.

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Side Missions

7 Days to go – We explore the side missions of past GTA titles and share what we think is to come in GTA V

GTA V GTA V, The Leaked Map

The excitement is tangible, the atmosphere bubbling. Days have been booked off work, children put up for adoption, wives butchered and stored in small chunks at the bottoms of chest freezers, husbands given the chloroform treatment and left in the ce

GTA V GTA Online On The Cards Since Before GTA 3

GTA Online in developers heads since the making of GTA III.

GTA V Light Shed On GTA Online Character Creation

Inventive character creation process for GTA Online bypasses the usual slider-based tool and gets a whole lot steamier.

Xbox One Xbox One Infographic Simplifies Microsoft’s Next-Gen Message

Microsoft has gotten off to a rough start with its next-generation console and is hoping to make things much clearer with this infographic (below). This infographic explains, in a simpleton way, that the Xbox One will work in the same way as the Xbo

PSN Update US PlayStation Store Update 10th September

Pre-order your digital copy of CoD: Ghosts, download Puppeteer and much more in this week’s US PlayStation Store Update.

Dev Titanfall Dev Doesn’t Expect to Out Sell Call of Duty

Talking to Gamespot, Titanfall developer explains that they are in it for the long haul and do not expect to outsell Call of Duty.

Quick-scoping Maybe Removed from Call of Duty Ghosts

Discussions on Twitter mentions that the next instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, Ghosts, will have improvements made to its sniper rifle, with the possibility of quick-scoping being removed altogether.

Xbox One vs PS4 Microsoft Outlines Performance Differences Between its Xbox One and PlayStation 4

In a recent NeoGAF post Microsoft rep goes into details about how their console performs over their rival.Fight,Fight,Fight!

GTA V Rockstar Explains Lack of Female Protagonists in GTA V

In an interview with The Guardian, co-founder at Rockstar explains why gamers will not be seeing any female protagonists in their most anticipated game of the year, GTA V.

GTA V Countdown To GTA V: Heists

6 Days to go – Branded with crazy masks, we plot our way into a new feature for GTA V – Heists

GTA V Grand Theft Auto V map size compared to GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto Vwill see release for Xbox 360 and PS3 in exactly one week, but it seems the game’s official strategy guide has found its way to store shelves a little early. Per se, new information concerning the game is likely to appea

New Gareth Bale FIFA 14 cover revealed

After making a record move to Real Madrid for £85m, Welsh super star Gareth Bale has switched his shirt on the FIFA 14 UK cover. EA Sports posted the cover onTwitter, which has Bale in a new pose and the Real Madrid shirt.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 demo shoots onto the Games Store

Try the game before it’s released later this month.

Next-Gen Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Launch Line-Up Compared

Games sell a console, right? Well in that case we best look at both launch line-ups for both consoles so you can decide.

Dead Rising 3 story details – co-op character and Psychopaths revealed

Dead Rising 3’s co-op mode will allow players to leapfrog the storyline, Capcom Vancouver has announced – drop into another player’s game, and you’ll be able to play through chapters you haven’t reached in your own. Complete the chapter, and it’ll be

PS4 No PlayStation 4 Video Sharing to YouTube – Yet

With Sony proving to be very strong contender in the console wars, with two more months to wait, NoobFeed looks into video sharing on Sony’s new console and that there is no current mention of sharing your gaming skills directly to YouTube.With rec

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Collectibles

5 Days to go – We go on the lookout for collectibles in the GTA series and what to expect in GTA V.

Blitz Games Studios ceases trading after 23 years

175 jobs lost.

Microsoft may not like ‘Xbone’ nickname, but they just acquired

Major Nelson may not like the idea of the Xbox One being nicknamed the “Xbone”, but that hasn’t stopped the company from acquiring the domain name to thelatest WHOIS records, Microsoft Corporation is the

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts replacing Shadowrun as next Xbox LIVE ‘Games with Gold’ freebie in South Africa

At the beginning of the month Xbox spokesman Major Nelsonrevealedthat South Africans would be getting Shadowrun as their secondXbox LIVE‘Games with Gold’freebie for September in place ofTom Clancy&rsquo

Microsoft addressing ‘technical glitch’ affecting Xbox storefront

Over a thousand titles — chiefly independent games — have vanished from the Xbox Live Marketplace this morning.

Pay Nothing for GTA V via Blockbuster

Blockbuster offering gamers GTA V for nothing, if you trade in two selected games.

Next-Gen Indie Releases Will Fill the Gaps Between AAA Releases

Yoshida explains how the fast flow of indie releases on Sony’s platform will help bridge the gap between AAA released titles. Even more so now that development time for AAA next-gen titles will be a lot longer going forward.

Sony Plan to Dominate Asian Markets Before Releasing Vita TV in the West

In an interview with SCE President Andrew House, Sony is aiming to dominate the Asian ‘under TV’ markets before coming to the West. Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV are Sony’s main competitors to its Vita TV console and it is in the Asian mark

GT7 Gran Turismo 7 Will Come to Next-Gen in 1-2 Years

Gran Turismo producer confirms that the PlayStation’s flagship racer will of course be making its way to Sony’s next-gen console, however don’t hold out for it, as it won’t be for a while yet, says Yamauchi. “The PlayStation 4 game which we’ll

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Customisation

4 Days to go – We look at the many customisable areas in GTA V

Fable Anniversary delayed to February 2014

Fable remake misses end of 2013 release.

Power struggle: the real differences between PS4 and Xbox One performance

Developers speak out about the next-generation consoles.

Microsoft is banning consoles over GTA V leaks

Microsoft is taking action over the leak of Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA 5 PS3 preload available on PSN from Monday

Grand Theft Auto 5 will finally be available to preload on PSN from Monday, September 16, a Sony online support coordinator has confirmed on the official PlayStation Forum. “I can confirm that GTA V will be available to pre-download on Monday the 16

GTA V sold out on Xbox 360 at Amazon

Amazon has sold out of the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 5, days in advance of the game’s global release.In an update posted on its website,Amazon UKsaid that

Uplay on Xbox One, PS4 ‘deeply integrated’ in-game, has dedicated app

Uplay’s presence on Xbox One and PS4 has been revealed byUbisoft.The publisher’s online service, which provides social connections with friends and earning rewards across platforms, will now be

BF4 Sony Explains Battlefield 4 PS3 to PS4 Digital Upgrade Details

Sony explains how gamers will be able to upgrade their copy of EA’s upcoming shooter – Battlefield 4 – from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

Next-Gen EA Confirms Their Next-Generation Launch Line Up

EA has confirmed their line-up of titles that will be available at launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Three usual suspects will be available at launch: FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 and Battlefield 4. All of which will have be

BF4 Battlefield 4 Guide to Vehicles

DICE have posted on their blog a complete rundown of vehicles that will be making their way to Battlefield 4.

Rockstar Investigating Early GTA V Sales

GTA V is leaking like a rusty pipe, Microsoft are angry and Amazon is in the doghouse for dispatching the game early. Feels like a soap.

GTA V Countdown to GTA V: Week 4

2 Days to go – We recap on the past week of our Countdown to GTA V articles.

Monster Videos

– A Day With PlayStation 4 Connected Trailer

Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag – A Diverse Open World

– The Playroom PlayStation 4 Trailer

Ryse: Son of Rome – Execution Move 1

Need for Speed Rivals – Racer Personalisation Feature Gameplay

Batman: Arkham Origins – Multiplayer Trailer

Titanfall – Campaign Multiplayer Mode and Game Creation

Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Single Player Campaign Trailer

BEYOND: Two Souls – The Facility Gameplay

NHL 14 – Launch Trailer

Driveclub – Night Driving Gameplay Video

Monster Reviews

Madden NFL 25

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Ride to Hell: Retribution

Hotline Miami

Saints Row IV

PS3 Trophies

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Lost Planet 3

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

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