2010 has a stellar line-up of titles coming to our consoles this year. Over this week we have brought you a few articles covering the Games of 2010. We have broken down these soon to be releasing titles into bite-sized chunks, giving you the low-down on what to expect as well as possibly open your tired feather collecting eyes to some unknown and under the radar games of this year. On Monday we gave your the best of The Sequels, and on Wednesday we looked at The Oldies Return – old franchises that will be making their return to consoles this year.

Today we bring you our third and final list of The Games of 2010 where we look at some of The Newbies – big new franchises that will be debuting in 2010. So take off your snowy boots, grab a brew, and let us take you though our final list of titles we are looking forward to playing in this new year of gaming.

Dark Void
In Dark Void you play William Grey, a cargo pilot who crashes in the Bermuda Triangle and it teleported into a parallel universe, consisting of human survivors and an alien race called the Watchers. With retrofitted Watcher technology, Grey takes it upon himself to fight against the Watchers. Gameplay takes place in the skies, with the aid of a jetpack, as well as on solid ground – making for some quite intense and diverse action. Developed by the team behind the quirky yet enjoyable arcade simulation title, Crimson Skies, there is sure to be some great action sequences and some solid aerial combat. With a demo already released on both platforms, we recommend that you check it out for yourself before its released later this month.

Expected release date: January 2010

MAG is a First Person Shooter exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and if all goes well, allows up to a whopping 256 players to simultaneously play online. Developed by Zipper Interactive MAG, previously known as Massive Action Game, splits up each team into different squads, who then work together to defeat the enemy in a variety of different game types. The game is online multiplayer only and is set to release early this year. A FREE Beta has been running since January 4th on the PlayStation Network, so give it a try and see if MAG is the PS3 multiplayer for you this year.

Expected release date: January 2010

Heavy Rain
How far are you willing to go to save someone you love? This is the underlying foundations of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive – Heavy Rain. This dark, film noir-like thriller plays a little different to other games of this type, where triggers are used to move your character throughout the scenes in the game whilst using a series of context sensitive actions and quick time event button presses. Expect to make plenty of moral choices, jump out of your seat thrills and gripping story, which follows a group of individuals who are looking for a serial killer known as The Origami Killer.

Expected release date: February 2010

Dante’s Inferno
The afterlife has been a vision chased by poets, artists and writers throughout the ages, but none have captured it as vividly as the Italian, Dante Alighieri, who provided what has now become the standard idea of Hell. What better work, then, to turn it into a game?
Dante’s Inferno, from developers Visceral, pits a muscle-bound ex-crusader against each of the seven levels of hell, all of which are bound to pass by in a flurry of metal, gore, blood, bones and ectoplasm. Like all of the best stories, Dante’s Inferno begins as a desperate mission by Dante to save his wife, but soon becomes as much about liberating himself from his own demons. With a game mechanic that has been compared to the epic God of War series, fans of hacking and slashing are clearly destined for their idea of heaven in the inferno.

Expected release date February 2010

Split Second
In Split Second you play part of a reality TV programme where participants race for fortune and glory. You may compare similarities to Death Race or Full Auto, sure we’ve seen it many times before, but what makes Split Second different to the norm is with its special ‘events’. Drivers build up a meter, which allows them to trigger events, which are mostly obstacles that crash down around, on top of, and in front of your opponents. This in turn can not only destroy your opposition but it can also create new shortcuts and routes for each following lap – bringing a fresh approach to racing around the same old circuit every time. With gorgeous graphics, explosive effects and a cleaver unobtrusive HUD system, Split Second is one 2010 racer that does not take itself too seriously. Speed, carnage and destruction are the key here, and all of those go down well with us here at Console Monster HQ.

Expected release date: May 2010

Alan Wake
Press and public anticipation for Alan Wake has truly been like a rollercoaster, a big dipper with excitement levels soaring and falling following the games expos of each successive year. With all the disappointment associated with pushing back release dates multiple times, developers Remedy Entertainment have really pulled out all the stops to make the premise as intriguing and innovative as possible. Alan Wake is a writer migrating to a new town for inspiration following a two-year-long writer’s block. The new town has no problem with changing that, throwing him into his own story with a host of dramatic high points and tantalising prose but real consequences.

Expected release date Q2 2010

Halo Reach
Just when we thought it was all over, yet another installment attached to the ‘Halo’ tag is about to be released this year. Halo Reach is a prequel of the Halo trilogy and allows gamers an insight into how it all began. There will be a BETA for Halo: Reach online, which is only accessible if you have purchased Halo 3: ODST, and for the record, yes it will be a First Person Shooter game. This will no doubt be one title that Xbox 360 gamers will be salivating over later this year.

Expected release date: Q3 2010

ModNation Racers
This PlayStation 3 exclusive is an upcoming kart racing game with user generated content at its core. ModNation Racers will be to racing what LittleBigPlanet is to platforming. Using a very intuitive editor, users will be able to create their own characters, vehicles and racetracks in some considerable detail. The ‘Track Studio’ is where the core of the game shines. Gamers will be able to easily create some imaginative racetracks and then share them with the community. 30 levels will come with the game to get you started with single, local and up to 12 online multiplayer races on both stock and user generated racetracks. We hope ModNation Racers will soon become the new Mario Kart of the current-gen consoles.

Expected release date: Q2 2010

Blur is a step away from the usual racer to come from its developers, Bizarre Creations. Real-life racing has been parked in favour of a game that can only be described as Mario Kart meets Need for Speed. Arcade is the main course on this menu, and with all the trimmings. Expect licensed cars, full damage modelling, shields, power-ups and projectiles. Locations will span familiar environments, from the LA river half pipe to areas of good old London town, all of which have been edited and tweaked to suit Blur’s arcade-like gameplay. Kudos will feature in the game under the guise of less catchy title – Fan Points – a form of currency that will enable gamers to progress through the career mode whilst buying new vehicles and parts. Multiplayer will become a prime element for Blur, with up to 20 drivers competing for pole position – racing rivalry here we come!

Expected release date: Q2 2010

LA Noire
Taking their cues from the past masters of Film Noir, developers Team Bondi, under the watchful eye of publishers Rockstar, are ensuring they keep us firmly in the dark when it comes to details about their new game, L.A. Noire. With a rich tapestry of inspiration to draw upon from one of film’s most innovative periods, the game is sure to employ a striking graphical style and a plotline deserving of a place in the detective films of the 1940’s. Gamers with a taste for the finer sounds of life can also look forward to a classical jazz score. Until fresh news begin to emerge from the shadows, it’s definitely a case of watch this space!

Expected release date: Q4 2010

Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas is not to be classed as a sequel to Fallout 3 but another fresh new Fallout title based in the same universe. If you didn’t gather by the title, the game will be set in and around a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, which was previously mentioned in the first Fallout, however the story will not be related to the one in Fallout 3. Whilst the game will be using the same engine, expect the same role-playing game experience as seen in its previous title – Fallout 3.

Expected release date Q4 2010

Possibly a sleeper hit of 2010, Homefront is a story set in the United States in the year 2027, where the nation is under siege after a devastating global energy crisis. You are on a cross-country mission to support the new American Army as they take up arms and fight back. Developed by the team behind Frontlines: Fuel of War and written by John Milius, the writer of cult war films, Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, there is enough credentials to give this title a ‘one to watch’ status amongst the noise of the other big hitters that will be releasing this year.

Expected release date: Q4 2010

The Last Guardian
Team Ico. To dedicated gamers these two words will be enough to understand our excitement for The Last Guardian. These words form the developers behind two of the finest titles on the PlayStation, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. In this third-person adventure you play a young boy who develops a friendship with a giant feathered griffin-like creature. Expect gameplay similar to previous titles from the developer, where relationships between the boy and the creature develop as you both tackle puzzles and fight against armed guards throughout your journey. Think Tomb Raider, but with a large pet to look after and help you along your way.

Expected release date: Q4 2010

This upcoming first-person shooter is looking to be another sleeper hit in 2010. Set in the future where Earth is flooded and The Ark (a prototype Utopian city) is on the brink of over population – leading to civil war between the Resistance and Security. The game has a single player story mode, however, up to 7 other online buddies can cooperatively join you and replace any AI driven character on your team, as similarly seen in the Left 4 Dead series. An intuitive S.M.A.R.T. control mechanic features in the game that allows ‘Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain’, a technique which is similar to the free running system seen in Mirror’s Edge. Expect spectacular graphics, a compelling storyline and an engaging cooperative multiplayer experience.

Expected release date: Q4 2010

So, that wraps up our final list of games that we are looking forward to playing this year. We would like to thank you for sharing our outlook on what is to come, as well as leaving your views and comments over the last few articles – we are excited as you are to get our hands on each of these games. Stay tuned to Console Monster for our reviews on each and every one of these games throughout the year, and at the end of the year we will look back and see how all these titles have done, followed by another outlook of the games of 2011!

Anthony Barker

Anthony is the designer, developer and owner of Console Monster. In his spare time, Anthony is a keen gamer who enjoys playing mostly First-Person Shooters and Racing games. When he is not developing games or tweaking this site, Anthony likes to be on the slopes snowboarding or hurtling down off-road tracks on his mountain bike.

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