I’ve never been that fussed for a demo, but when it was announced the demo for FIFA 13 was coming out today (11 September 2012), I couldn’t wait. I woke up early and waited for the demo to hit the marketplace, usually around 11.00am. I waited and waited and by 3.00pm it was finally available and ready to download.

The demo allows players a chance to experience FIFA 13 before the full game is released. Upon booting it up you’re brought to the menu system which remains very similar to that of FIFA 12 except this year it’s sporting a shiny new skin. Obviously you’re only going to be able to play an exhibition match but again, this is extremely restricted. 3 minute halfs and the option to play as one of five teams; Arsenal, Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Juventus.

You can’t change much of the game settings but you can change the time of day the game is played starting from a lunchtime kick off to the traditional spanish night time kick off (up to 10.00pm). Once happy it’s time to head onto the field and show the world why you’re still the best at FIFA – Everyone thinks they are don’t they?

Initial impressions are that it’s pretty much the same as FIFA 12. The presentation is extremely similar but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. FIFA 12 was excellent and why change what isn’t broken? There does seem to be some noticeable improvements in the tackling system, specifically sliding tackles which if timed correctly, can save you a goal or two. It also appears that it’s more obvious to see what style of player has the ball. For example Arsenals Oxlade-Chamberlain is a dribbler so the ball sticks to his feet and he never looks like he’s losing control of the ball, however give the ball to their centre back Mertesacker and you can instantly tell he’s a defender and should quickly pass the ball to someone else who can take it forward or just punt it up the pitch.

Shooting doesn’t seem to have changed too much as long as you’re not holding onto the shoot button for too long or the ball will end up in row z. Passing is also in a similar boat. Short passing requires the deft touch whereas a long defence splitting through ball will require slightly longer on the buttons. Use the buttons right and you could end up wheeling away to the rapture of the crowd performing the windmill celebration.

Windmill celebration isn’t for you? Well the custom goal celebrations are still in play and as expected contain some new additions, most notably being the heart shape celebration made famous by Tottenham’s welsh superstar Gareth Bale. Continuing on from FIFA 12 you can also jump into other players as you celebrate to enjoy the success of a goal together.

To sum up I was quite impressed with the demo as a whole. It makes me want the game now and i’m sure I can speak for the majority of you here when I say I can’t wait to beat all my mates at FIFA 13. If you’ve not had a chance to download the demo take a look at the demo footage taken by our very own James Woodcock.

Share your impressions of the FIFA 13 demo in a comment below.

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