Four weeks have passed. An article written each weekday for Grand Theft Auto V is over

So here we are. Four weeks on and the day has finally arrived. Exciting! Whether you were were one of the lucky early pre-order arrivals, you queued up last night to get your copy, or maybe yours is coming in the post today; GTA V either is already, or can be, in your hands today!

Over the past four weeks we brought you our countdown to Grand Theft Auto V each week day. We looked at its creators, all the previous instalments of the franchise and the main game itself, with its characters, weapons, various missions and much, much more. If you have missed any of them we’ve wrapped them all up here for you. Enjoy.

#1 About Rockstar

A look into the creatorsof the Grand Theft Auto franchise

So to kick off our countdown until the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, what better way to start than looking at the company behind the series, and that is of course Rockstar.

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#2 History of GTA 1 & 2

We look back at previous Grand Theft Auto games

The Grand Theft Auto series debuted in 1997 with the original Grand Theft Auto on PS1, Windows and Game Boy Color. This was during a time in which Rockstar were going by the name DMA Design, far from the powerhouse we all know and love today.

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#3 History of GTA III

GTA enters into a 3D world with GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas

Released in October 2001 Grand Theft Auto III served as a breakthrough for the franchise, bringing the already critically acclaimed series to new heights with a game that will forever be remembered as a revolution in its genre.

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#4 History of GTA IV

Niko Bellic arrives in Liberty City to continue the cult franchise

After 7 long years the follow up to the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto III finally landed with a splash on Xbox 360, PS3 and eventually PC.

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#5 Story Missions

We look at the story missions coming to Grand Theft Auto V

Gamers have racked up thousands upon thousands of hours playing through Grand Theft Auto’s single player campaigns and Grand Theft Auto V will be no different. We take a look through what to expect in the GTA V story missions.

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#6 Michael

Introducing the first of three protagonists – Michael

Our countdown continues and today we look at the first of our three protagonists, Michael. So who is Michael and what is his background? We list his detailed specs, to get an idea of who this guy really is.

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#7 GTA V Music

We look at the music that will be featured in Grand Theft Auto V

Gamers have fond memories of cruising around Vice City while The Buggles – “Video Killed The Radio Star” played on the radio, or when Eric Prydz’s – “Pjanoo” was stuck in their heads for days after the first Grand Theft Auto IV trailer was unveiled. We take a look at the music that will be playing out in GTA V with the released music list.

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#8 GTA V Vehicles

Getting around Los Santos and Blaine County will be better than ever in GTA V

A vehicle is just one of the many important tools in achieving your missions in GTA. Whether it is to achieve a fast getaway, reach another part of the city in record time, accomplishing a goal or achievement or to just mess around and causing general havoc on the streets, picking the right vehicle for the job was crucial. We take a look at the many vehicle types you’ll be able to ride in GTA V.

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#9 GTA V Gangs

Which gang colours will you represent in GTA V?

We’ve seen much gang rivalry occur over the past few instalments of the GTA series, more specifically in GTA San Andreas and also in GTA Lost and The Damned, and fans of such high-tension will be pleased to hear that some old gangs will be exchanging hand-gestures and bullets once more in GTA V. We take a look at the four confirmed gangs coming to GTA V.

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#10 Trevor

Introducing the second of three protagonists – Trevor Phillips

Trevor is described as an extremely difficult person to deal with. He is a known drug addict and words like psychotic, unpredictable, untamed, impetuous and infamous all describe his personality perfectly. We find out more about who Trevor is.

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#11 Locations & Maps

Blaine County; a criminal’s paradise

Grand Theft Auto V is setting out to be the largest open-world map in the history of Rockstar Games. Its size said to be “larger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IVcombined”according to the game’s art director Aaron Garbut in a preview by GameInformer. Amazed? Well so are we.

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#12 Weapons

“Hey? Yo? I’m a gun club member. I’m gonna take these rookies downtown.”

Weapons have always been a part of the Grand Theft Auto series. When facing off against rival criminals, gang members and the occasional hero cop, you have to bring something other than your wits. GTA V is no exception, featuring everything from the classic baseball bat to the over-the-top mini-gun; there will be no lack of firepower in the latest entry of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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#13 GTA V Online

Two weeks after the game launches,GTA Vfree-falls intoan online world

When Grand Theft Auto V launches on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013, gamers will have to wait approximately another two weeks until they are able to take the experience online. Why? Because Rockstar is still working on GTA Online – the most exciting development in the history of the series.

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#14 Activities & Pursuits

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all…

Grand Theft Auto is more than just a campaign. In the past there has been so many other activities that you can participate in, that as a result, you could play the game for hours upon end without even progressing with the main story mode. Grand Theft Auto V is expected to be the same.

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#15 Franklin

Introducing the final of three protagonists – Franklin

Franklin is the youngest of our three protagonists and doesn’t have any family, have any money nor any decent education. A drug dealer in his early years, Franklin decided to give up his life in the ghetto. We find out more about who Trevor is.

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#16 SideQuests

We explore the side missions of past GTA titles and share what we think is to come in GTA V

Many people are starting to think not only of the main campaign missions but of what side missions we will be tasked with in GTA V. We look back at some key highlights of what the past side missions were before having a look at what is confirmed for GTA V and also speculate on what we would like to see.

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#17 Heists

Branded with crazy masks, we plot our way into a new feature for GTA V – Heists

Rockstar has retrieved something more cerebral and potentially rewarding than any ‘bits on the side’ we’ve seen. As far as can be told at this point, these ‘Heists’ go far beyond the sideshow role played by non-story missions in past titles, posing an entire field of player exploration and innovation.

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#18 GTA V Collectibles

We go on the lookout for collectibles in the GTA series and what to expect in GTA V

It is expected that GTA V will have collectibles. We cover off what we have seen in the recent instalments of the GTA franchise as well as what we can expect to see in GTA V.

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#19 GTA V Customisations

We look at the many customisable areas in GTA V

Customisation is not something that is directly associated with Grand Theft Auto, however it is without a doubt something that is ever present throughout the series. From changing your clothes and even your BMI, to tricking out your car with a new paint job, it’s all there. So what about in Grand Theft Auto V? We find out.

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#20 GTA V Achievements

We look at the achievements and trophies you’ll be unlocking in GTA V

Since the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005, the sound of “bleep bloop” during games has given gamers the chance to rack up points and (more importantly) bragging rights.

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We hope you have liked reading through and sharing your thoughts on our build up to GTA V’s release. We will have our review of the game on the site very soon.The staff here have really enjoyed bringing you these articles and we hope to do this again, so until then, we hope you have a great time causing havoc on the streets of Los Santos. Feel free to come back here and share your experiences of the game with us in our comments below.

Anthony Barker

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