“Hey? Yo? I’m a gun club member. I’m gonna take these rookies downtown.”

Weapons have always been a part of the Grand Theft Auto series. When facing off against rival criminals, gang members and the occasional hero cop, you have to bring something other than your wits. GTA V is no exception, featuring everything from the classic baseball bat to the over-the-top mini-gun; there will be no lack of firepower in the latest entry of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Along with the new arsenal, GTA V will also change the way you choose your weapon, featuring the ‘weapon wheel’ from Rockstar’s previoustitle Red Dead Redemption, this time around players will be able to navigate their inventory at lightning speeds with ease.

While an official list of weapons has not yet been revealed, we can assume what will be included based of official screenshots and trailers. So read on as I do my best to cover all the weapons that have been spotted so far.


As with every release, melee weapons are – if you’ll excuse the pun – close at hand. Of course GTA V will be featuring the usual bats, batons, knifes, and bare-fists, but also some new instruments may come into play. Tennis is a confirmed playable mini-game, personally it’s not hard to picture myself going a bit John McEnroe with one of the rackets. But be warned; that’s a sure way to get yourself kicked out of the country club. Another piece of sporting equipment gone wrong could likely be from one of the other mini-games, the golf club. When used a bit untraditionally, a 9 iron can be a deadly thing. Meat mallets have also been spotted in release trailers. Knowing the GTA series, I can’t imagine this being used exclusively for culinary reasons.

Pistols and Handguns

A step up from melee weapons, handguns can solve almost any problem. Best used for small-time robberies or stick-ups, a Glock-9 or Beretta are good choices for personal protection. While they’ve not been confirmed to be customizable with weapon mods, it’s not hard to imagine throwing a silencer or extended clip on one of these bad boys, making it perfect for the more subtle approach, or to pack a few extra bullets for when things get loud. Speaking of loud, if size matters to you, the Desert Eagle .50 caliber combat pistol may be what you’re looking for. Trading speed and ammo for power, this monster of a handgun will stop just about anything, but watch out for that recoil, it has a powerful kick to it.

Michael packing a Glock-9.

Michael packing a Glock-9.


Shotguns are a great tool for clearing out rooms or for use in confined spaces. GTA V will feature various different shotguns for your personal endeavors. Trailers have shown the basic 12-Gauge, a large M590A1 combat shotgun, the short pump-action Ithaca 37, and even the high-end bullpup Kel-Tec KSG. This massive variety should provide you with whatever firepower you may need, or prefer.

Sub-Machine Guns

Not quite a full-fledged assault rifle, but a good step up from pistols, sub-machine guns provide you with rapid-fire weapons and are choice for drive-bys. The Uzi micro-SMG will provide you with a spray of gunfire at a tremendous speed, for the times when accuracy take a backseat to bullets. The MP5 however will provide you with a bit more accuracy and is optimal for medium to close-ranged targets. Other sub-machine guns may feature in GTA V, but for now these two are the only ones I’ve spotted in trailers and screenshots.


For the high-end missions, rifles provide superior firepower and accuracy. Assault rifles such as the AK-47 and M4 Carbine are ideal for when dealing with multiple enemies at medium to far range. For the long-range targets, a sniper rifle would be the best choice. GTA V feature a few to choose from, such as the Accuracy International AWM; a high powered rifle shown being used by Trevor with attached silencer for use in hunting wildlife in the countryside of Blaine County. Others such as the .50 caliber Barrett M82 provide the firepower needed when you only have time for one shot. A tad pricey when compared to other firearms, these weapons of death are the peak of overall performance and reliability.

Trevor packing an assault rifle and ready for work.

Trevor packing an assault rifle and ready for work.

Thrown Weapons

Best used when overwhelmed by enemies, thrown weapons are sure to get you out of a jam. The classic hand grenade and Molotov cocktail are essential tools for when you need to thin-out a group of enemies or clear a path for a getaway. Some other additions to GTA V are tear gas and c4 explosive, both of which could prove a necessity for the many bank heists and robberies you are sure to take part in. Another new addition is the target designator flare, shown in the GTA Online trailer, this may be used for calling in an artillery strike from friendly jet fighters. For the time being, your guess is as good as ours, but the possibilities do leave the mind wondering.

Heavy Weapons

Planning to take over a small country eh? Heavy weapons such as the minigun and RPG are no strangers to the GTA series, and with GTA V they may very well be your new best friends. Featured alongside a protagonist decked-out in full ballistics body armor, these heavy hitters will no doubt be used on large scale assaults in the areas of Blaine County and Los Santos. Paired with the ever popular Milkor MGL grenade launcher and you have yourself some good old fashioned chaos.

Franklin stirs up a bit of anarchy with a minigun.

Franklin stirs up a bit of anarchy with a minigun.

Tooling Up

Grabbing a firearm is easy, as long as you know where to look. Seedy gun shops and back-alley arms deals are sure to make a return in Grand Theft Auto V. Along with the newly implemented weapon modifications; loading up on arms should be more in-depth and personalized than ever. So far we’ve seen custom scopes, silencers, extended clips, laser sights and more. We can only wait until the 17th to see what else will be featured in the full game.

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