Getting around Los Santos and Blaine County will be better than ever in GTA V

A vehicle is just one of the many important tools in achieving your missions in GTA. Whether it is to achieve a fast getaway, reach another part of the city in record time, accomplishing a goal or achievement or to just mess around and causing general havoc on the streets, picking the right vehicle for the job was crucial. In early editions of the game players were able to control the usual cars, trucks, boats, bikes and even tanks, however with the adoption of 3D in GTA III, gamers were soon able to leave terra firma and take to the skies in planes, helicopters and parachutes.

GTA V will aim to give fans as much enjoyment as its predecessors has ever done, with even more variety of vehicles and plenty more new features that will get any petrol-head dripping oil out of the corners of their mouths.

It is probably best to tackle GTA V’s vehicles in groups: land, sea and air. So let’s first tackle the meat and veg of all the groups, the ground vehicles.

Land Vehicles

GTA V will feature a vast array of civilian cars, trucks and bikes. Like in past titles in the series, Rockstar will be dodging licensing rights by closely resembling real-life adaptations of cars we see on the streets today, with boot and bonnet badges removed and brand and model names sounding loosely similar to their real-life counterparts.

From the Audi R8 looking ‘9F’, the Lamborghini Murciélago looking ‘Infernus’ and the Lotus Elise looking ‘MR Roadster’, there will be plenty of styles and shapes here to please everyone. Many vehicles in GTA III and IV are said to be making a comeback too, such as the Aston Martin/Jaguar looking Super GT and the BMW 3-Series looking Sentinel.

GTA wouldn’t be the same without its American muscle and vintage cars either, so GTA V will serve up this American dish in style with the addition of customisation and paint garages to help you pimp your ride – so you can shunt it into the back of a slow moving taxi just around the corner – we’ve all been there!

The Cheetah returns to GTA V – a Ferrari Enzo/Koenigsegg Love Child

Motorbikes are a great way to avoid traffic and get to your destination or mission in record time, at the risk of clipping a car and ending up in A&E. We’ve seen a number of motorbikes featured in GTA V screenshots, so fans who prefer to straddle two wheels, be it a racing bike, ATV, dirt-bike, scooter or chopper, you’re certainly covered here too.

Emergency vehicles have been super-helpful in GTA. They put out the fires, uphold the law and clean up your bloody mess, but when playing a GTA title you just can’t help yourself jump into the diving seat and take control of the cities finest civil servant’s utility vehicles. GTA V will certainly keep this old past-time alive, so expect much more of the same, but in the more bustling and gorgeous city of Los Santos – meaning more carnage!

BMX and mountain bikes will also feature in GTA V if peddle power is your thing. The latter will no doubt take part in the recreational areas of Blaine County, and hopefully both types will take part in the main campaign and side-story missions.

Sea Vehicles

GTA V is looking to pad out its bullet-point list of playable sea vehicles in the game. Going from screenshots alone we have a number of new and exciting vehicles that will help explore the seas around Los Santos, both above and below the surface.

For the first time in GTA you’ll be able to squeeze into a submergible vehicle (submarine) and cruise the sea depths around Blaine County. This should open some new mission types, awards and achievements within the game as well as bring a new perspective to the game’s world.

Getting across Blaine County waters will never be so fast!

Additional sea-faring vehicles we all come to expect will also appear in GTA V. The usual powerboats, such as the ‘Squalo’ from Vice City is said to be coming, but also some sailing craft will also be featuring too. Whether this craft will be fully playable it yet unknown, however there are a number of yacht sightings in some GTA V screenshots and videos.

Last seen in GTA Vice City, the sea-skimming Jetski is back in GTA V. Just like the motorbike is to roads, the Jetski will allow you to get yourself in and around the water-filled areas of Blaine County with ease – but at the risk of causing considerable damage to you, should you face a solid rock face or pier beam.

Air Vehicles

Like sea vehicles in GTA V, Rockstar have been adding even more ways to enjoy the skies above Los Santos and Blaine County.

Blaine County is vast, which means getting around from corner to corner may take some time on the surface, so using services like Elitas Travel Private Jet Hire might solve your transfer times across GTA V’s expansive world. It looks like there will be a number of airports dotted around Blaine County, from the International Los Santos Airport to Paleto Bay in the North.

Luxury aircraft from Elitas Travel are on standby from jetliners to high-end helicopters, however if flying at the seat of your pants is your thing, a variety of civil aircraft and stunt-planes are also flyable, with the latter being required to take part in Blaine County’s air-races.

Fly cross-county in (or just jump out of) the many new aircraft in GTA V

Due to the size of the world, aircraft might prove to be a key vehicle in getting around and solving missions in GTA V. Where most key missions may take place in and around Los Santos, accessing more remote resorts and locations around Blaine County may only be achievable via air travel.

Hiring a plane will be required if you wish to parachute high above Blaine County, however we’ve also seen in videos that jumping out of low flying craft or off of canyon-leaping motorbikes is also possible in GTA V. Equipping a chute will add a different angle of strategy to completing your missions – if you play Battlefield you’ll understand what I mean.

Be it land, sea or air GTA V will no doubt bring some adrenaline-fuelled highs that will not only breathe new life to some old vehicles mechanics from past titles in the game’s series but also introduce some exciting new ones too. It is no question that exploring Los Santos and Blaine Country will be one trilling ride, whichever form of transport you choose to experience it on.

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