Countdown to GTA V: Story Missions

We look at the story missions coming to Grand Theft Auto V

Gamers have racked up thousands upon thousands of hours playing through Grand Theft Auto’s single player campaigns and Grand Theft Auto V will be no different.

While Rockstar Games have kept the major details of the plot under lock and key, here is what we do know:

For the first time in a Grand Theft Auto title, gamers will take control of three player-controlled protagonists in the campaign. The stories of Michael, Trevor and Franklin interconnect as their paths cross.

During missions, players will be able to switch between the characters at will in order to complete certain objectives. The example given in the first official gameplay trailer saw Michael rappelling down the side of a building, with Franklin providing covering fire with a sniper rifle and Trevor controlling the getaway helicopter. The instant switching between characters allows for players to accommodate to their preferred play style during each mission.

The missions themselves will contain more variety than ever before. Complicated, multi-tiered heists, inspired by the popular “Three Leaf Clover” one in Grand Theft Auto IV, are a big theme in the latest instalment. Each heist will be well-planned, with everything from weapons to the escape route being taken into consideration.

Other missions include driving from one location to the other, taking down targets and there may even be time for a quick round of golf. There’ll also be a range of optional side missions, which will see players reaping the rewards.

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